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Thursday, March 9, 2017


"Mr.  Samuel, in all these years I have been unable to make my 'demonstration of health and sufficiency."
Oh, what horrors have been heaped on humanity by the notion that one must make this or that demonstration in order to prove his knowing of God.  If God is all in all, who is this personal entity who must make a demonstration?  Who is the one who has decided just what to demonstrate?  Isn't it always the one who has determined that something is wrong, bad, incorrect, sinful or amiss?  God has made no such decision about Himself.

The Light of Life is a constant Self-demon-stration HAPPENING.  All that is going on right before our eyes, all around us at every hand continually is God's Self-demonstration HAPPENING.

So what do we DO?  We look for the real, the good and the true in all that appears to be happening right before our eyes.  It is present.  It is there to be seen and acknowledge--but it is difficult to do unless it is first admitted that
THAT ONLY GOOD IS GOING ON.  How can one make such an admission?  By acknowledging that GOD is indeed ALL.

God is all, so God is all that's going on.  God is good, so only good is happening.  How do we this this is so?   "By looking and seeing that it is so."  Just as the old sage said many moons ago.  The "demonstrations" that have been most meaningful to me are those that have allowed me to see goodness and beauty where I thought I had seen darkness before.

Over the years I have had countless conversations with theologians, philosophers, scientists and religious leaders of many stripes.  I studied with some--and some stayed on to study with me.  In light of retrospection one quickly comes to see that all such happenings are merely the tangible evidences in time and space for the timeless WISDOM LIFE (Awareness) already is. All those "people" were "myself" coming to myself to tell me of my uprightness and guiltlessness.  In exactly the same way, all that is good and true within these simple words has come to you  to tell you of your all-rightness.

The "real" of us is the Life of us--Awareness that perceives these words.  This awareness was never born. It doesn't wither and die.  It isn't bound to a body nor contained within one.  Rather, all bodies live and move and have their being within one.  Rather , all bodies live and move and have their being with (and AS awareness.

Now how can I be certain of this?  Why, the only thing in all existence I CAN be certain about is the fact of THIS awareness which presently perceives these words.  It was THIS awareness within which the philosophers and theologians appeared.  It is this awareness within which all that has evern appeared has appeared.  All that Identity is, its warp and woof is awareness.  I can be scientifically certain of nothing else except the fact that awareness IS.

The HEART of me can be aware of more, however.  Scientific certainty is an intellectual process. The heart is an intuitive KNOWING- NESS.  The heart of us insists that  "Some-thing" is the source and substance of awareness.  For want of a word capable of expressing it, I  call that "Something"  God, Isness, That which is.  There  are no words capable of describing God--yet, all words allude to God and God's Self-awreness.  Who are you and I, dear friend?  In the final analysis, we are the Self-awareness of God.  This is the single point of agreement toward which theologian, philosopher and scientist are finally arriving.


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