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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Peace Within
by Rose Burrows

There ‘s a secret sacred place deep in my Heart
Where peace abides
Where serenity, tranquillity and contentment reign
And wisdom, courage and strength abound
I need not deserve this peace
Nor must I earn it
It is my divine inheritance
imprinted in this  heart of mine
I need not take a special pose
or breathe a certain way
I simply close my eyes, relax and be aware
In quietness I let go all people, places and things
I let go the hurdles and commotion in my head
I sit as a beholder and focus on my Heart
The cares and woes soon drift away
I am calm, uplifted, supported and fearless
Unfettered, fulfilled, refreshed and whole
This is my safe haven, my sanctuary my inspiration
The choice is mine
To battle the storm
Or turn within
From whence all blessings flow


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