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Monday, April 10, 2017

Wisdom is Information Rediscovered

Wisdom is information.  Information is accumulated time.  Time, among other things, is the accumulation of information and wisdom. Real information is "truth" --what is, as opposed to illusion, belief, mythology, not truth.

What can one tell a young child about Truth?  Much, but not in the world's terms.  The world has forgotten the child's perceptions and has grown out of them into adulthood and language.

Consider:  A man lives a long time and learns the value of honesty.  What does the child understand of the things the man might say about honesty and truth?  Nothing in the man's terms because the youngster doesn't understand about words and the world yet; but the child living in the crib is LIVING honestly and truly--that is, living the Equation
 that Life is.  The child lives honesty and truth, pre-world, pre-adult, pre-terminology, pre-experience.

But what does the adult tell the little boy about such adult themes?   We say that the child will just have to live, grow up, have a few experiences, get himself around the block a time or two, and then he might be lucky enough to learn what "honesty" (or whatever) really is in his heart.

What does the adult tell the little girl about beauty?  The same thing.  And the adult expect the little girl to tell him about beauty?  Nothing in the world's terms because she hasn't learned the world's terms yet.  But the adult knows intuitively that the child is living  "beauty" in the most honest sense of the term.

Is the adult right?  Yes, as far as time goes, as far as world terminology goes, as far as language and experience go, the child must live the adult's world and suffer the contraries; then, the adult (the not-child) having slowly accumulated the information in time that constitutes wisdom and truth, can use the world's terms to tell of "honesty" ad "beauty"  But to whom is this communication made?  To other adults, not to other children.

Inasmuch as "beauty" has to do with the senses and their interface with tangibility--plus the feelings and emotions that come with the sundry personal interfaces with "others" and "things"--is it not plain that the child comes into the world with clear senses, already interfacing with original (baby/child) emotions and feelings?  Certainly, but we can't tell very much about that while looking on the baby as an undeveloped adult; and the baby can't use many of the adult's terms to say, "hey, man, I'm seeing pristine spiritual beauty right here in the world".

The child asks us a primitive question about something basic, like beauty, honesty or honor, and because we know the child hasn't learned the world's responses yet, nor the world's terminology or rules, we know the child must pass through more time and space so the right glands coe into play and the young adult can accumulate the time and experience necessary to understand and express the basics with which we were born into the world originally.

So,, what CAN I tell a young man or woman about true wisdom?  I can tell them they came into the world WITH it, LIVING and BEING it honestly, albeit not CONSCIOUS OF IT in the world's way.  I can tell them they will return to it again because with the passage of time tantamount to the accumulation of information, they will rediscover the pristine sensations of the original Child--if not before the death of the body, then with the body's age and death.  Hence, I can say, "You have 'come from the pure Light of Life and you are returning there again, whether you think so or not -- whether you even care or not."  I can also say, "You are certainly eventually to rediscover the Original Nautre (Soul/Child) of yourself."  Furthermore, I can explain to one willing to listen and prove my words, that the "purpose" of the human experience is to do just that.  Just what?  Discover the Self.

Inevitably, intellectualism's next question is: "Why do we have to go through all this human business of losing the Original Nature and then rediscovering it slowly, line upon line?  Why, why, why?  Where is the justice in that?  That is the question neither science, religion nor philosophy has answered satisfactorily--but now we can!

We are brought back to the original condition of the baby. What does it SELF-KNOW of honesty, beauty, tenderness, equality or gender?  It IS those things but doesn't KNOW those things.  The human experience is for the purpose of REDISCOVERY--which is to KNOW, and KNOW one knows.   "With all thy wisdom, get understanding."  Know thyself.  Knowing what is, one knows what is NOT as well.


Most of the information about the distant universe has come to us via the light of the stars--at least, until recently.  Most of our information about the stars comes from those little pin points of light we see at night when we look up.  Some of those points of light have taken thousands of millions of years in time to travel the the tangible miles of space to get here;  hence the light that impacts the eyeball at night is "accumulated" compacted "time" as well as information.

Notice also that we have looked to the earth to confirm whatever we have learned from our observations of the stars.  For instance, we see a planet turning on its axis; the earth confirms that information by a similar action here.  Or, we see that certain elements are present in the spectrum of this and such a galaxy and find those elements corresponding to elements on earth which we can examine and measure.  This is confirmation of information, so to speak.  We perceive information (light) in the heavens and put that information to the test on earth and confirm it.  Until we have made such linkage (confirmation) of our esoteric information, we keep it in the area of theory rather than fact.  When the linkage is found it is no longer theory but a provable fact.'

Science has discovered the close relationship between the universe -out-there and the body-here; not yet.  Quantum mechanics moves them close.  When science perceives the supremacy of subjective thought there will nho longer be a gap between pure science and philosophy, religion, psychology and life (awareness). It is said by one of the Jewish groups that there is no element in nature that can't be found (confirmed) in the physical body of man.  There is nothing seen in the heavens that can't be found in the material body of humanity positively or negatively.   Science hasn't confirmed this in anything but theory thus far, but the mystic has known from the beginning that when he looked at the night sky he was looking into the mind of God."  More, the mystic has known that the Mind of God isn't separate from the awareness of you and me that looks into the night sky. 

The ultimate "confirmation" is not just the body of oneself but the AWARENESS of Self.  Body AND Mind.  The body, quite the opposite of apperances, is within Awareness, not the other way around.

Finally, the Child within is not theory but confirmable fact to anyone who is willing to look for it and feel it.  To put that in "religious" terms, one who has felt the "Holy Spirit"  knows it is real, not imaginary.  Putting it in subjective terms, one who has had a "glimpse" knows the reality of that Glimpse and what it does for him.  Putting it in the Equation's terms, one knows the Child is still alive within himself and is all that is important therein.

A meaningful equation:  The "river" of thought is like the mathematical "point".  Objectivism is like the line. Subjectivism is like the plane.  The Equation is like the sphere wherein all the dimensions exist and time vanishes.  The point is limited to the line and so on.  But line understands point, plane understands line and point, etc.   The Child-Self precedes time and space, even while being "in" it and understanding why it exists.

Bottom line:  We rediscover the original Child within us and run with it.  It will tell us all of religion, psychology, metaphysics and science we need to know without taking us to all the extremes therein.


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