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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Closer than breathing -
 Nearer than hands and feet

When I identify with my Swan Self (My Child Heart Self) my life is a sweet celestial harmonious symphony.  My instrument is in perfect pitch and in tune with other instruments and with the Conductor. I cannot be separated from my good for I live and move and have my being in God.  I play the joyful notes with as much gusto as the sad sorrowful notes without discrimination and peace follows me wherever I go.

 If I do not take time to keep my instrument in tune and ready to play, I get overly concerned with the notes (the details of my daily life I can quickly find myself in a cacophony of confusion, upset, struggle and strain, fretting and worrying about everything.  I have fallen back into the Ugly Duckling pond of despondency.

I have found that pain can be a major distraction, a great temptation to want to manipulate the human scene, (the Ugly Duckling world).  The more I cling to it the more it clings to me.  It is a trap that can be avoided if I use it as an opportunity to TRUST my Child Heart and be like the lily in the field that does not toil or fret.  I can soon prove that Peace and Love are closer than hands and feet, nearer than breathing.

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