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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quotes from "The Child Within Us Lives"
by: William Samuel

In a recent letter, which appears to have done its good works I wrote:  "William Samuel's experience may seem miraculous to you, but that view doesn't exist because of Samuel's ability to change the scene around him.  It exists entirely because of the confident EXPECTATION of GOOD (God) continually Self-confirmed as this experience.  That is, I look for the Good that is present.  I expect to see it and then I see it!  If this is too simple, I'm sorry, it is just that easy.  If one jumps into the river and expects wet, he sees wet.  If one looks at God's earth and expects good, he sees it.  This awareness, the life, is God's viewing.  Long ago I stopped taking account of Bill's seeing anything on his own.  I expect to see God confirmed everywhere-and I do."  So can you.

The mysterious paradox goes something like this:  Ending the ludicrous attempt to manipulate the human scene to suit the me-sense's fanciful lusts (and righteous desires), one finds the scene revealing (confirming) the Scene--and this may very well appear to be a greater manipulation of tangibility than could have been me-dreamed or me-imagined.  Not trying to manipulate so much, we suddenly know what gentle good to do for others--and do it!  This is love in action!  Do you see?  It is difficult to write these things!

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