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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Excerpt from Audio Tape

By William Samuel

Vignettes on Love

... the experience of illumination comes on as stillness, out of quietness. It comes from the absence of effort. It has never never been reached while one is gnashing his teeth, trying with might and mane to crash the gates of light. Even longing for the experience is baneful and I can say without equivocation that the written or spoken instructions of teachers who go out of their way to create the desire for illumination should all be put aside. Light blooms in the gentle conversation, in the quiet moment, in the happy atmosphere where enthusiasm prevails. Light blooms in the experience of being love. Light blooms from giving to others. Breakthroughs occur… the breakthroughs that we call light, occur spontaneously and gently in proportion to the honest stand that we take, acknowledging light to be the already fact of this identity right here, right now, already. And then, I think it isn’t enough to have the experience and then be contented to talk about it or write about it. We live the new life as it comes to us. We live it and the new revelation is perpetuated and expanded only by this living of it, which you see, is really to give it. The new revelation is extended and perpetuated only by forsaking the previous views and living the new view that the light allows.

Just a simple example. This action that I’m engaged in here, of writing and talking to those who’ve come so far, has neither motive nor human purpose behind it. It is just my own doing. It is guileless and it is heartfelt. It is the action that light has just indicated for me to do and I do it as irresistibly as yon mockingbird’s urge over there to shake the boughs and sing.

I have been asked about this matter of reaction, why the truth sometimes seems to be followed by a period of upheaval and torment and foment in one’s personal affairs. The absolute statement, or a statement being as nearly in as absolute as a statement can be, is somewhat like a chord that is sounded in perfect pitch. Now, the chord does nothing positively or negatively for those who are in tune, but it produces a discordant resonance in those who are out of tune and of course, out of that discord comes the knowledge of which strings to tighten or which ones to loosen. Now, the aim in our self-to-self writing is to sound the proper pitch, to make the absolute statement as best we can, not to get anyone to agree with it, whether it’s correct or incorrect…that’s beside the point…we simply make the sound, make the statement as best we can.

Now, those who come here are those who usually…well, I’ll put it like this, in the form of an analogy…those who come here are hoping to find the proper note, to hear the proper pitch, which often is not, they discern very uncomfortably out of the dissonance that what is said here produces. Now, even though the discomfort is unconsciously beneficial to the unwary, or to those who have come here expecting the truth to be like oil on troubled water, well then, the jolt is disillusioning and our temptation is to argue with whatever makes us uncomfortable. So, the chord sounded by way of a letter or a book or impersonal tape leaves less room for personal reactions, right?...


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