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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

William Samuel

Light dawns on wings of angels. This morning the angels 

sing of "Not Guilty" as the mysteries of alcoholism are 


Childish is the delineation of childlike and the alcoholic 

is  the childish one who never grew up. He didn't want to 

be an adult, he did not want to take on the responsibilities 

of the adult because his heart knows that is not his role. 

He is the Child and he wants to be the Child who doesn't 

have a care in the world. He drinks to kill the pain of 

separation from his Child Heart. The booze gives him a 

false sense of freedom as is observable by his 

irresponsible behavior. The alcohol-induced sense of 

freedom is like the tree's shadow that struggles and 

strives daily for its survival. It is the shadow that leads to 

the tree. The booze sedates him and for some time he 

feels even nearer to this Child Heart but he's afraid of 

losing it because, since what he feels is artificial, it will he keeps on drinking to try to hold on to but 

only drinks himself into oblivion with the excesses.

Alcoholism is rooted in the tree of good and evil and is 

ladden with the pairs of opposites. The husband and wife 

in this drama are the two that are one, there is a 

perpetrator and a victim and one cannot operate without 

the other. How can there be a perpetrator without a victim 

or a victim without a perpetrator, yet each one is 

responsible for his own drama. One can hide under the 

guise of victim. It gets him/her a lot of sympathy and 

attention, he/she can hold center stage...s/he is so 

innocent and his/her life would be just so wonderful if 

only s/he would  quit drinking and make him/her feel 

good...Typically, the victim of the alcoholic's stubborn 

attitude wants so desperately to hang on to his victim 

role...s/he is not comfortable standing on his/her own two 

feet and taking charge and responsibility for his/her own 

life. It's an easy way out to blame his/her partner...saves 

him/her from  having to look at his/her own bucket of 

crap, clever way to be deceitful, to have his cake and eat 

it too. 

Each is a master at distortion and can turn the clearest 

picture into a carricature (which it is in the first place!) It 

is childish making childlike plain.

In an 'enlightened' world, the parent's role is to KNOW 

the Child and to love the Child but if that parent does not 

know his/her own Heart then s/he cannot be a parent 

because s/he is looking 'out there', in the world of many 

to beloved...not to love but to BE loved. If the parent 

doesn't know s/he IS already IT then the parent doesn't 

have it and the child doesn't have it and everyone is 

looking to everyone else for love...She looks to the child 

and the child looks to her...where the heck is it going to 

come from? The alcoholic is the child who didn't grow up 

because, his parents have not discovered their own child 

heart. The circle continues until one is brave enough to 

go through the adult stage because that is where he will 

find that he not only knows but he will know that he 

knows his own Heart,his Real Identity, the One and Only 

Love that Is. This is the process and we are the process. It 

is much less painful to go through the pain of adulthood, 

of opening the heart and finding the child than to live in 

an endless circle of lies.

I don't see any way around it, do you?

Peace comes when the visible world reconciles the pairs 

of opposites, when we see them as the two that are one. 

And finally, the tangible world is the means by which the 

intangible One is made plain. The childish adult is what 

makes the innocent, joyful Child visible and clear upon 
the tables. And so I thank the childish alcoholic, I thank 

the drunk forgetting down to the pits of hell of guilt and 

worthlessness, to be so helpless that I see by contrast the 

power and Reality of Beautiful Eternal One, Love and 

Beauty and Wonder of Joy and Peace. And now I don't 

need him anymore and call him/her by his/her new name. 

Oh, Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, 

there is no guilty one.


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