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Friday, January 16, 2015

Coming out of the Closet

Coming out of the Closet

Someone wrote me that they too want to 'come out of the closet' but they know now how to do it.

We have all heard that we are God’s Child; we all bear a divine imprint or DNA in our Heart. That that Child is our Heart and Soul, that that intangible aspect of God lives in tangible form in the Heart of each one of us.   That one way to get to know our Child Heart is to remember our happy childhood days .  But some of us did not experience a particularly happy childhood, so where does that leave us?

Of late, I have been led to tell my story that others of like experience might know that they too can uncover the secrets, the wisdom and truth of Light and Beauty and sweetness, absolute tenderness and Love that is hidden in their Heart.  And that is why I “came out of the closet”, so to speak.  I certainly did not mean to imply that everyone should jump up and do the same.  Each of us must follow their own Heart and find their own way.  So, if you are led to ‘come out of the closet’ then  of course, be brave and DO it!  

If you read my previous post about point, line plane and sphere and William Samuel’s article about the Glass Pyramid, you can see that it is pointless to try to ‘convert’ anyone to your way of thinking.  That’s not what I want to do.  And on my previous post about dot, line, plane, sphere, you can see that if you are at the dot level you are not going to understand anything that is said at the line level et al.   By doing the blog, it isn't in everyone's face, all can  choose to read it or not and take from it what they like or reject it and that is fine with me.  And that is why I chose to 'come out of the closet'.  It is like oh, who was it ???  Abraham??? who was asked to put and offer his son on the alter. (that is from the bible, don't know if you're into that but...) I had to trust and be brave and do the 'sacrifice' at all cost.  It is what is demanded of you.  Like in a marriage, there is no 'cheating' allowed!

Yes, we are asked to share our glimpses and glimmers but we do not give our pearls to the swine.  So, if your Heart tells you to 'come out of the closet', then I say Yes Yes Yes...of course you do it but PLEASE do not do it because I did it! 

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