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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Language of the Heart

 Language of the Heart

Many have voiced their frustration with not succeeding in 'listening to their Heart'.  I wonder if they are perhaps expecting to hear a voice uttering words in their ear!

My personal experience was that glimpses and glimmers were so refreshing, they were and are food for the soul.  I dearly wanted to share but I was also given the good sense to know who I could trust with my precious pearls.  I would struggle for days searching for words that never completely filled the bill.  I did the best I could and would then share with Sandy.  Sandy was such a Sweet Heart, she was the best coach one could possibly ever find.  She cheered me on.  She encouraged me.  She expanded my vision, she supported me in every way.  She soon became my very best friend.

 The  Child Heart is God's Child, we all know this.  What I want to say is that we do not hear the Heart's message in Greek or Latin or French or English or Yiddish.  Love is the language of the Heart and It speaks a language of Love, Truth and Light.  It speaks of beauty, of simplicity, of synchronicity, of the extraordinary found in the ordinary...pure, simple, honest and true!

 I guess an example of this might be a day many moons ago when I was driving through Stanley Park.  (I live in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada and Stanley Park is one of the major attractions here.  And I can tell you that it is a real sanctuary for me.  It is one of my favorite places to feel wrapped up in God's arms and to feel the Presence so intensely, so peaceful and at the same time alive, vibrant and electrifying.)  What I started to say was that I drove through Stanley Park and always have enjoyed it but one day when I was driving through a short one lane portion that is hugged  on both sides by  beautiful tall  huge old trees, I experienced...well here goes the search for words again!...I could say that was when I realized the sanctity of it, it became Paradise lost and found for me!  

The frisky little squirrels  have been so well treated, they are so tame, they climb into your hand for treats.  You can hear the birds sing even though the city noises are very near.  It hugs the Pacific Ocean and it is so scenic that one never tires of it.  It is very well kept and so scenic that I feel lucky to live here right beside it.  One always finds a new treasure with every visit.

I cannot fathom that anyone could walk or drive or bike or roller blade through that beautiful beautiful park and not feel heavenly  peace, calmness, harmony.  To me, that is the language of the Heart.  It is God's very DNA stamped on every living thing!

If you simply be still and open your Heart it will speak to you, show itself to you,it will reveal Its secrets to you.  You will hear it, see it, taste it and feel and know IT!  And writing will certainly preserve and enrich the experience.

  "Little Love Light"

Some time ago I wanted to do a dvd of an exercise that I did with my grandkids to introduce them to The Child when they were about five or six and 7.  It was the youngest one that really got into it. I was not able to do a DVD at that time and that is why I did it in book form as best I could. It is not nearly as effective but better than nothing.  It is called "The Little Love Light".  I had forgotten about it but recently a lovely lady named Elizabeth Lavine got in touch with me.  She told me that that little booklet was how she could feel her Child Heart. Elizabeth is at:  

If you're interested in "The Little Love Light" the little booklet can be found at .

Love to all,


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