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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lest we forget
Plain Simple Love
by Marrion Pratt

Love answers.  Honest, gentle sweet everyday love is the healing balm of day-to-day encounters; the remedy for all ills.  Love is light in dark places; love is warmth that soothes pain, the Presence that still the anxious, fearful heart.  Love is the tension breaker, the match-maker.  Love is forgiveness, understanding, helpfulness and sharing.  Love is the smile that lifts a depression, depletes oppression, disarms aggression.  Love is energy for the wary, joy for the dreary, reassurance for the leery.  Love is the inspiration that loves the brush, the pen, the pencil to thoughts of beauty, hope and courage.  Love is the vision that sees and knows beyond the mundane,crass and craggy to the shores of bounty, harmony and limitless good.  Love is the signal that lifts the heart, lightens the eye, and sweetens the lips.  Love is strength and confidence, encouragement and assurance.  Love recognizes good.  Love is eloquence, grace and humility, freedom, success and ability.  Love is the setting for jewels in the sky, the radiance on high, the grassy knoll nearby.  Love is laughter heart to heart and eye to eye.  Love is listening, understanding and patience.  Love is gladness for another's good, sorrow at another's pain.  Love is warmth, comfort and sustaining strenngth.  Love is the multiplier of good, the diminisher of evil.  Love sees love and sgtrength.  Love sees love and widens all boundaries.  Love neutralizes bitterness, melts hatred, makes friends.  Love is the greatest story ever told, the greatest power ever known, the greatest light ever seen.  Love is life and banishes dying.  Love is generous and kind, open-faced and childlike.  Love is trusting, guiltless and innocent.  Love is grandeur, loftiness and near at hand.  Love is heaven in earth, the answer to questions.  love is God in man.


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