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Monday, November 28, 2016

Follow Your Bliss

   The words "follow your bliss", often associated with Joseph Campbell, can be used interchangeably with "listen to your Heart",  or "turn within", and they are to the Heart as honey is to the bee, they are like dew drops shimmering on rose petals.  Why?  Because heaven is right now where you are and what is heaven but an exquisitely blissful peace and gratitude that resides eternally in the Heart of One that is All.  Love in our heart and peace in our soul is our divine inheritance , not to be earned, but to accept with love and gratitude.


If your worldly inheritance is deposited into your bank account, it is of no consequence to you if you are not aware of it or if you do not accept it.  The only requirement to access the funds from the bank is proof of your identity. However, these conditions satisfied, you may still live in poverty if you wish, your inheritance will be of no benefit to you if you do not utilize the funds.  

   Likewise for your heavenly treasure, recognition, acceptance, identification and continually drinking from the Eternal Fountain is to 'follow your bliss'.  Living  your Identity is bliss, is peace and harmony and love and joy and understanding.
If you are disturbed, if you find yourself less than peaceful in your Heart, it is you who are disturbing the flow.  How?  Your false identification disentitles you, it dams up, it interrupts the flow from the Fountain just as surely as presenting false I.D. or no I.D. at the bank would disentitle you of your bank account.

     Identification is the Key to Happiness. Let it be the pill that you carry in your pocket, the pill that is the remedy to all that ails you.  It need not be complicated, it is not required that one understand the metaphysics. The Child Heart you are is pure, innocent simplicity living the Joy and Wonder and Glory that is Its divine inheritance right here and where you are now.

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