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Monday, May 22, 2017

Sweet Symphony of Life
Rose Burrows

Life is One All-inclusive Symphony, a Perfect, Harmonious Symphony with an infinite repertoire of jubilant joy and sweet sorrow and all the nuances therein.  The Symphony does not discriminate against, nor is it intimidated or disturbed by its sorrowful parts.  It does not ignore the passages that sing of anguish and pain, or to the agony of loss.  It does not try to silence them or to pretend they are something other than what they are.  It plays them with as much heart and gusto as it does its light and happy, glorious and triumphant parts.  It is all One wondrous Symphony echoing the Sweet Wonder that is Life.  The lonesome violin reaches the depths of the soul and opens the Heart to its deepest feelings...not to make judgments of good and evil but simply to feel and to let Be.  The most tender and loving parts of the Divine Symphony, in fact, sing of the sweet sorrow, of anguish so rich and so deep, it reveals the delicate beauty of God's Love.

Outside is inside and inside is outside.  It is as the symphony tuning its instruments before the concert.  Though the tuning appears to be outside the symphony, the sounding of false notes is not outside.  Symphony knows ALL of Itself by knowing what it is and what it is knows all this within Its Own Self- Its Own Self-Revelation.  Symphony does not condemn itself, it does not condemn its false notes, it strikes the precise, true note, pure and clear and holds that note until all instruments resound to its perfect pitch.

If the instruments (individual you/me/microcosm) are not tuned, the Symphony (macrocosm) can only perform a cacaphony.  In tuning, the false notes are played, the lies are exposed and harmony is re-established as all instruments play in the same pitch.  The Symphony now gives a Perfect Melody of Joy and sorrow, one as beautiful as the other.  Instrument in tune, one tastes the sorrow's sweetness and knows there is no evil.  Inside is outside and outside is unison we sing the One-der (wonder ) and Glory of Love as the One and Only Son(g) of God made tangible in the brotherhood of man.  Nothing is changed yet everything is changed.  We could say conversely that everything is changed but noting is changed..but our world is New.

We are the Awareness, God's Awareness before aware of Itself playing that Melody of Love.  God could not know or examine Itself other than through/as this One right here.  We are the "where" and the "when" of the Divine Symphony disclosing itself to itself.  There is noting to do, to change.   The time is NOW to clang the cymbals and shout "Halleluia", I am already IT" and to march on with courage to the best of our very own Heart's drums!  

The Symphony that is one with each and every note frees the Heart to leap for joy and dance to Its own delight or to weep and let the body shake in anguish or despair from every form of loss and to be free to feel good about it.  This is especially important for the dear men on our planet who have been conditioned to be responsible, to be in control, to be tough and rational and logical and full of false pride, men who have been made to feel unworthy if they are humble and trusting and sweet and loving and patient and kind and...

Some are confused, believing that the human can be reformed and made into a better person, that Light makes the human more comfortable, more secure, more spiritual if you will.  That is not it at alL!  Seeing and knowing does not make the mortal more pleasant, more lovable, more giving or more powerful, nor more healthy or wealthy.

If God is One, (and I am that One) Changeless, Immutable, can anything be more than That?  What does it matter if I am supposedly enlightened or not 'enlightened'?  To whom would it matter, to whom would it make a difference?  Could I, would I change the Light or prevent it from being all that It includes?  No, I cannot change the Love of God, nor can I be separate from this One no matter what the world looks like or does...God stays the same no matter what happens and nothing can happen to God.  I am free to carry on and do what I do and it makes no difference.  All the while I know that nothing that is Real is limited or subject to wordly events or circumstances or people or things.

It is somewhat like carrying a pebble in your shoe, a stone of false identity, thinking that there is something else to study, to understand, to acquire or do or be but when we let go the search the stone disappears and the shoe is comfortable again.

The walk takes us to that the Eye of the storm that we can observe the images and know they can never touch us.  Within the Symphony we are free from trying to be something we are not, we are released into the Experience of Life...Life frees us from the harness of rules and conditions and the dogma, from the need to fit into a mold.  The Symphony is an on-going song of crescendos and variations in is Love Ever New!  You are PERFECT just as you are, you cannot be 'less than' or more than the Only One Is!  There is nothing else to search for.  We are One with the Melody of Eternal Love that is All there Is!


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