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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Child IN US Lives

 From the parents' perspective, from the ordinary way of looking at things, and this is applicable to ALL parents, the same scenario exists.  Unaware of the limited perspective, the parent is looking for the child to love him, and why not?  That's the way it should be.  The parent thinks he has demonstrated every bit of love that the child can expect from him and he has, to the best of his ability.  Now, damit he expects something in return.  How about a little respect?

What the parent might not see is that he too is looking for love from 'out there', but if the child doesn't have it and the parent doesn't have it, where is it going to come from?  The parent may be tricked into thinking he has fulfilled all conditions of good parenting but if the child is not responding it is because the Child Heart within that IS LOVE KNOWS only love and the outside doesn't reflect what he knows.  The child finds himself in a strange place, a place of mixed messages, a place of fear, insecurity and no love.  He cannot identify with what he sees and this causes him to be disoriented and confused.  He feels unloved, unvalidated, unsupported because the scene does not coincide with what he knows of Love.  The parent wants something of the child, the parent demands that the child make him feel good (love him) by meeting the parent's expectations, by making him proud, by respecting him, by honoring him...something is demanded of the child in return for something the child did not receive.  So, what's the matter with that kind of love?

This is a difficult and very painful problem for all concerned. It certainly is not from lack of trying, you've put all available resources to the test.  The human attempts at resolution can at best provide an anaesthetic to kill the pain temporarily but since the sore remains festering it will return again.  But perhaps this is here to boost all concerned into a higher view of things. 

 To me it is a problem that cannot be resolved on the level of the problem.  The underlying Fact of this life form is the visible scene but it will only be resolved at Source.  The underlying Fact of this life form is Love.  The antecedant is Love.  At source, we are Light, Love.  We cannot see it because we ARE it, just like we cannot see ourself but only a reflection of ourself in the mirror and we are like the cat fighting its reflection in that mirror.  We are like the donkey chasing its tail.  We are dealing with a shadow, with a love that is limited, that is contained and conditional whereas the Essence, the original Love is pure, infinite, unlimited, free as the breeze because when we find it it is right here where I am, and it is everywhere present, therefore we do not, cannot go anywhere to get it.

We have it all backwards, we HAVE it, therefore it is about giving it but we're trying to 'get it' from 'out there' instead of letting it flow from within.  When we find it within, in the Child Heart we discover that giving is receiving as we see it flowing back to us naturally.  That is why, in the bible when  the widow was asked to give something of what she had in her house she gave a drop of her cruise of get the flow activated.  

The world is already perfect, we just need to SEE it.  The strength, power, dignity, intelligence, creativity, insight and courage of us is the Child Heart, the wise loving one, the original genuine one and it is already Being.  This is the love that never leaves you and when you find it, you KNOW how to give it and your child receives it, recognizes it, thrives by it and lives in Peace.  It is the parent's job to find the Love-Light of Wisdom and  Goodness.  This is the Love that is reflected to his offspring.  The child then says 'aha, this is it, I am safe here.  I am secure, I am at Home.  Love is what I Am and it is passed on to the next generation as it flows its natural course infinitely.

It can be an arduous task for the adult, the parent who did not find love reflected from his parents to find the Child Heart of himself but the  cycles of 'not love', of trying to get it from others cannot be broken any other way.

Shakespeare says of this world that it is a stage and all of us are actors in it. Wise observation.  On the stage of life, the visible scene now looks like so:  it is the parent's job to be in "that place of Perfect Love' that can reflect nothing but love, Eternal Light, Everlasting Joy, Immutable, Immortal Love that comes from within.  How much more secure can we be, if we are IT, it cannot but follow us everywhere we go and when we know
that we are it, It cannot but follow us everywhere we go.

  And it works this way because the world is myself. It is myself I see reflected in the world.

Years ago I published a little booklet titled "The Little Love Light", an exercise that I did with my grandchildren at bedtime.  It illustrates where Love comes from and that there is no place that Love is NOT.  It is available through Pay Pal. 

Note:  Had I had the means to record on a disk it would have been more effective but it is not difficult to follow and one can use their own imagination to personalize it for themselves.

Blessings and Love,

Rose Burrows

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