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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Children of God

The Children of God

William Samuel

The Children of God will survive. This is not an  

elitist nor judgemental statement. It is the very obvious 


You see it, it is clear. The world speaks to us in 

metaphor, and as it is within us, it is seen in the 

world...the story is written very clearly and it is our job to 

read it. What could be more clear than to see all the old 

men falling off their pedestals and their high horses.

Just as each of us individually had to finally understand 

and let go of the failing, unreliability of the ‘old man’ the 

‘old ego of believing we were greater than God” within 

our own personal life/self, now we see it all going on in 

the world ‘out there’.

We see it, it is the blatant story of the ‘old man’, the 

pompous selfish dirty old man, filled with deceptions, 

indoctrination and beliefs, that is causing all the trouble

His days of authority are getting short. Everyone can see 

it now.


Our own Self-discovery of The Child Light that is within 

us, is being witnessed on the world scene, events.


Just as when you and I discovered within us that it was 

the ‘old man’, sole owner of indoctrination and bliefs, 

limited to thinking he was thee possessor of life, it was 

that liar who caused our life to be full of misery, 

restlessness and trouble. Just as the ‘old man’ was seen 

for the nothingness it really was, and left out to dry, so 

now it is being played out perfectly on the stage of the 

world, right before our eyes. Our personal self searching, 

our own Self-Discovery and our insights into ‘who we 

really are’ and who we are not, is showing up ‘out there’ 

as world turmoil, angst and greedy old men battering each 

other and all falling by the way side. Well, Good!

Looking on the world events, now we see the down fall 

of the pompous, evil nothingness of those who have no 

minds of their own and or dictate or allow others to 

dictate to them what to think and what to believe. We see 

these heads of state tumble or at least they are showing us 

their “true colors”. Heads of the church, leaders of 

governments, all have feet of clay and cannot be counted 

on for anything. The ‘old man’ is a liar and father of lies; 

pompous, holier than Thou, stinking old man, all of them.

So it was, as each of us found out for ourself, that within 

our own self, we realized that all indoctrination and belief 

belonged to no one and what spewed forth was from a 

false sense of separate selfhood. We harbored our own 

stinking, rotting old man, who was stuck, selfish and 

defensive. As we made our Self Discovery of the True 

One we are, so the old man let go and vanished, leaving 

the Child of Light, the Real Identity here, free to be This 

Child I am/you are.

With the uncovering of the charade and lies, comes the 

freedom from the dictatorship of any ‘old man’ be he 

within our out there.


As Divine Light is our very Selfhood having all it needs, 

and Knowing all there is to know of Itself, we can trust 

and live by This Inner One. We live Now by the Light of 

Love and Peace that comes with the discovery of The 

Child Within, a very real and honest one, that never went 

anywhere and is always with us, being us.


It is obvious to everyone who has eyes to see and ears to 

hear. It was the innocent and honest child who yelled out 

“The emperor has no clothes”...of course. Only the 

childlike can see the folly and foolishness of humanity 


No longer do we bow down and worship the so-called 

leaders. We turn within and find our very own safe haven 

of peace and freedom that passes far beyond anything any 

‘man’ could bestow on another.


How arrogant, how conceited and despicable these old 

men are. But they are only the reflection of the “old liar’ 

that has held court within us for so long.


We now see for ourselves that these old men are the same 

‘old man’ that tried to take over our own individual 

selfhood for many thousands of years. The same deciever 

who did not tell us the truth. The Truth being that we are 

one with God’s Love and we always will be, and always 



Well, what was hidden is now being shown to us. The 

‘belief’ telling the Innocent Child Heart to trust this ‘old 

man’, is now on full display, revealed as liar and cheat he 


“What is the old man we are let go of, what is the ‘belief’ 

that metaphysics talks about? Where is the “old man” in 

me and how do I find the Child Heart of me?...Well, now 

when we can see it plainly going on ‘out there’ in the 

world, it becomes very easy to see how foolish to abide 

by “the old man” we thought was within us. No, he is 

fading quickly out.

Understanding how the ‘old man’s rulership tries 

 desperately to usurp God’s ever Present Light, is being 

discerned by the masses now. First it takes place 

individually and then it takes place in front of our eyes so 

everyone can see.

Finally, as we watch all indoctrination, dogma, ‘bite the 

dust’...we know what is before our eyes, and at the same 

time we know just the Perfect Love and Light that has 

been The Living One within us all along...


Those once thought to be the all powerful old men, can 

no  longer endure, they no longer have any real power. 

Why? Because we have discovered for ourselves The 

Child Within! That is why! Making our own discovery 

within, finding our own Child Heart within us, is seen as 

the uncovering of the old frauds ‘out there’ now, 

because of our own Self-discovery the old man who put 

themselves so far above others are now losing it. Their 

lies uncovered as the Light falls upon them...They were 

not The Real Power in the first place, and what is not real 

cannot last down come the idols, down comes 

the old world view...and as the old view leaves us the 

New World is already emerging and it will be seen by 

only those who have eyes to see...Here and Now, it is all 

getting clearer and clearer, eventually fully present as a 

new heaven and a new earth for The Children of God. For 

only that which is Real, The Child alone, will be able to 

See this New cannot be any other way.

Could those old men who run the world as they are now, 

could they bring heaven to earth?...No, they would not be 

able to do that. One only brings it for one’s self, and then 

it will be seen and Lived everywhere.


What I am saying is that The Child Heart is not ‘elite’ or 

‘special’...Elite and special imply comparison and 

another...but because It is All that is Real or ever was, 

because The Christ Child is within everyone, then It is 

the very one and only one you can be. It is the one that 

sees and knows God. Not chosen or elite when there is no 

other one to be.

The ‘old man’ can only see his own false creations...the 

old liar cannot see the truth. It just is what way.

We can read the signs and wonders now appearing here 

on earth. The second coming of Christ is taking place, 

and the Light of The Child in each of us is being revealed 

to be the one and only true savior. It has now begun.

Once you know the ‘clergymen’ and ‘higher ups’ are 

crooked, you no longer bow and honor them...Yes, yes.

There is a huge connection between joy and loss...we 

know this and It is wonderful.

The Tree of Life my soul has seen, laden with fruit and 

always green....The Tree of Life begins to bloom, these 

are the final days. The Child will reign, the meek shall 

inherit the earth, the first shall be last and the least shall 

be first...we are doing fine, just keep your hearts open and 

keep your faith in what you know. Trust yourself, trust 

your own heart, It knows.


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