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Saturday, March 18, 2017

William Samuel

Woodsong talks

Hello everyone. This is Bill Samuel in 

Mountain Brook, Alabama. Coming to you at 

the beginning of the new holiday season. The 

new holiday season. Every day is part of the 

holiday season. Christmas really is all year 

long is it not? Some day, some day we are 

going to have a Christmas month and a 

thanksgiving month. And a new beginning, a 

new now month. And our holiday season will 

last for three months instead of three days.

Well my mail lately has been concerned 

with basics and I would like to perhaps 

discuss them just a little bit.

We are all interested in the secrets of life. 

And when one seeks the secrets of life, the 

secrets of the universe, the secrets of 

science or of arithmetic or of God or of 

anything. In reality he is searching out the 

vistas of his own identity. Those who know 

this are the ones who find the true answer. 

And all they find, all the answers they find 

are invariably simple. Not complicated. 

Not arcane nor abstruse nor mystical.

Now those who do not know that the 

search for truth is really a quest for one’s 

own identity inevitably find their answers 

in the more complicated places and ways 

of their own making. Until such time as 

they are struck by the enigmas of their 

black holes.


The experience of mankind presently is 

growing more frustrating every day. 

Human pressures are mounting on every 

hand. As various segments of humanity 

find themselves unable or unwilling to 

keep up the frantic pace. Or longer battle 

the self-imposed frustrations the manmade 

lids are beginning to pop off. And when 

will it end? Well apparently not until a 

misidentified mankind is forced out of his 

mis-identification. In a self wrought and 

necessary Armageddon.

But you and I are not waiting for the world 

out there to awaken. We leave the 

unawakened world, the struggling world 

behind. We let it go. We rise above it, so to 

speak. By the simple willingness to put 

God first. And let God, Is-ness, presence, 

ineffable, allness or whatever else you 

want to call it. Allow that inferable 

presence to be the all and the only of us.

Now this is not an impossible task. It is 

not even all that hard to do. It is only from 

the standpoint of a judgement maker that 

it  even seems necessary much less a 

difficult job to be undertaken. The fact is, 

God already is the all we are.

It is not difficult to stop judging 

everything. After it has been discovered 

that judgement is the cause of most of our 

apparent suffering. It is not hard to stop 

cherishing the things that the world calls 

valuable when it is found that they have no 

value. It is not impossible to stop feeling a 

sense of personal responsibility when 

there is no real personality. No real 

identity to feel responsible. Not a real one.

Friends when the final statement 

concerning God is made. However it is 

made. Well it will be supremely simple. 

When the last words about reality are 

written. Who ever writes them. They will 

not be an academic presentment or a 

mysterious metaphysical maze requiring 

much musing, meditating and persevering 

study. When finally it is made clear to 

humanity what it must do in order to come 

out and be separate from it’s frustrations. 

I know this; the doing will not be difficult. 

It will not be an arduous path to follow. 

Neither will it be a step-by-step 

overcoming. It will be neither a putting off 

nor an awakening. Not even an awakening. 

Though of course it is difficult to speak of 

it, to use words of it in any other way.

When the final statement is made it will be 

an utter simplicity. A Child-like simplicity 

that excludes no one and no thing. The last 

instruction for a doing will be a quiet 

simple un-demanding demand for no more 

effort at all. The simplicity of reality, deity, 

isness, ineffable, presence, whatever you 

want to call it. It is the effortless being of 

total perfection. Which is here and now 

already the exclusive fact of existence.


At the moment mankind believes the 

knowledge of God is limited to a very few, 

if any. According to the religious systems 

of the day the blessings that a knowledge 

of truth bestows on a suffering humanity, 

and those blessings are experienced only 

by those who belong to this or that secret 

order or church. Or those who study this 

or that philosophy. Only by those who 

overcome, who struggle, who strive, who 

contend, who demonstrate, who 

experience  illumination and all that bumf. 

Or who take drugs. Hocus-pocus. Hocus-


We leave. We leave and let go the human 

sense of things. The judged sense of 


And happily discover that we also leave

complexity. We return to the deific 

identity. Awareness itself. And find 

ourselves in a garden of tender simplicity 

where there is no concern for good or evil. 

Where there is no talking serpent who 

makes us give values to every thing. 

Things that are seen are simply seen. And 

they are seen without a critical analysis. 

And they are seen without a mis-mis-


Here experience and awareness. 

Awareness and experience. Are one 

activity. Belonging to whom? To me? To a 

me-sense? No no a one activity belonging 

to the ineffable presence, God. Here 

awareness is God’s self-perception. 

Therefore it is God’s responsibility.

Let me say that again. With this realisation 

awareness is God’s self-perception going 

on. And therefore it is God’s responsibility.

We feel the weight of the world taken off 

our shoulders. We rejoice, oh with a new 

joy. And we recall the promise of old. 

Come unto me all ye who are weary and 

heavy laden and I will give thee rest.

Deity, or the ineffable, or Godhead, or 

presence is a paradox to man who cloaks 

his measly little bit of wisdom with an aura 

of profundity to impress others. And to 

feed his own insatiable ego.

But to those sincerely interested in 

ascertaining reality or the presence. There 

is an area of break-through available, a 

place of break-through. Now listen. Listen. 

Where is it? Where is it? We are in the 

fertile centre of that area the very instant, 

the very instant we stop playing the judge. 

The great evaluator. And of course in order 

to stop being the judge of awareness we 

stop being the me-sense, the great owner 

of awareness. The one who says, this 

awareness is mine.

Here in judgeless being tribulations, 

human tribulations are rooted out, 

smothered and returned to their native 

nothingness. And in it’s place, or in their 

place, grows a burgeoning tranquillity. A 

grand tranquillity that exists where the 

elations and depressions of personal 

judgements seemed before to hold sway. 

God is not a complexity far off and 

unattainable. The presence, the ineffable is 

available. Else presence would be a plum, 

pluckable only by the plucky few who have 

the wherewithal to plough through many 

an ancient volume of forgotten law. 

Volumes of witchcraft and transcendental 

bunk. And even those scholars, even those 

scholars only touch the hem of truth’s 



Reader. Presence. Ineffability is felt as an 

enlightenment, as a breaking through. As a 

lifting. As a gentle rest. As a rolling up of 

the scroll. As the lessening of a load. As 

peace and happiness. And these words, 

these words are but poor sounds to signify 

the simplicity of God. Not the complexity 

of God. Not the mysticism of God. Not the 

great metaphysical paradoxes of truth. But 

the tender simplicity of the presence.

Happiness comes with the letting go not a 

taking on. By ending concern not  

developing more.

The unencumbered, those who live just as 

gentle awareness itself, like children, 

enjoy the Now without worry over 

yesterday, or tomorrow or next year. How 

children joy in fragrances and colours and 

moving things. Their sweet simplicity is 

why the world is so wonderful to them. 

Their enjoyment of the Now is why the flip 

of a cricket or the silent plop of a podgy 

frog is a momentous event. Credulous 

innocence is their entry into every activity 

with gusto. It is also why their imagination 

runs so freely from fancy fairytale to 

wondrous dream. Why the sounds they 

hear seem so sharp, sight so exciting and 

air so crisp and filled with all it is filled 


This child-like simplicity appears to 

become veiled by the processes of 

education. Growing up is to become 

brainwashed, conditioned and accustomed 

to playing the pseudo-identity. Adult, 

adulterer, chief evaluator, and judge, 

me-sense. Aha but the unencumbered, the 

sweet gentle unencumbered with the 

freedom of angels remain unconcerned 

with the world’s evaluations. Even while 

remaining hyper-aware of everything in 

the universe.

Oh reality is not lost sight of. There is no 

sticking the head in the sand. Our simple 

child-likeness continues. Our alertness 

remains undimmed. Who does not speak of 

the innocence of youth? Who does not 

wonder at the idealic credulousness of 

childhood? Who has not longed for the 

exhilaration and exuberance of youth 

again? For the health, happiness and 

carefree excitement of childhood. And who 

has not heard the Christ saying, except ye 

become again as children.

Listener you can become as a Child too. 

And do it without appearing foolish. 

Without ignoring home and family. Without 

withdrawing from society. We become 

Child-like in the most effortless way 

imaginable. As we stop making vain and 

un-necessary evaluations. As we stop 

trying to be the possessor and the owner 

of this awareness. And live the instance, 

this instance called Now.

Let me talk about identity for just a 

moment. Identity. Who we are. What we 

are. Identity. I-identical.

The search for truth is in essence the 

search for the real identity. The genuine 

identity. Ultimately that search for the 

genuine identity is the search for God. 

Because we find out that God is the only 

identity on the scene. But let us come back 

home to right here right now. Which 

inevitably includes a me-sense. The me 

who islistening to a tape recording. Or the 

me who is talking into a microphone in the 

process of making a tape recording. The 

me-sense. What is the me-sense identity? 

The me-sense identity is the one we have 

lugged around with us from the beginning. 

The me-sense identity is the one who never 

knows what to do. The me-sense identity is 

the one who does too much or who does 

not do enough. That eats too much or does 

not eat enough. That exercises too much or 

does not exercise enough. That says the 

right thing or the wrong thing. That makes 

the right investment or the wrong 

investment. That stands up when it should 

sit down and sits down when it should 

stand up. The me-sense identity is the one 

that is a few days and full of trouble.


Well what about this me-sense? Well one 

thing we know about the me-sense that it 

is, it seems, wrapped up in a body. That 

has two feet, two hands and a head. Eyes 

and ears and all that sort of thing. The 

me-sense is contained in a body that goes 

by a certain name. Bill, Rachael, Mary, 

John, Jesus. The me-sense seems to be 

limited in time and space. It always 

occupies a point in time and space. The 

me-sense always says I am here and you 

are over there. The me-sense is bound by 

time. It says I was born on such and such a 

date. I will probably live for so many 

years. I am at present so many years old. 

And the me-sense says my well-being 

hinges on how well this body feels. How 

well it is attired. How many dollars it has 

got in the bank. The me-sense is a few 

days and full of trouble. It never has 

enough dollars. It never has enough 

happiness. It never has enough friends. If 

it has dollars they are lost. If it has friends 

they are fickle. If it does have time on it’s 

hands it does not know what to do with it. 

And if it does not have time on its hands it 

wishes it did.

The me-sense is always concerned about 

the body sense and how I feel. The 

me-sense looks in the mirror and says my 

my my I am getting old. The me-sense says 

oh my, another wrinkle. Another grey hair. 

The me-sense says oh how time is flying 

here the holidays are on us again.

Well what about this me-sense? The 

me-sense says this life that is mine is 

made up primarily of consciousness, 

awareness. I am aware the me-sense says. 

I am aware at the moment of listening to a 

tape and a tape recorder. I am aware at 

the moment of making a tape. I am aware 

at the moment of sitting in my little study 

here listening to the buzz of yon little 

refrigerator. Hoping that the furnace does 

not turn on and drown out the sound. 

Hoping that the dogs will not bark outside 

again and mess up another tape.

The me-sense says I am aware of people, 

places and things. The me-sense says I am 

aware of a body in time and space. And 

this is what identity is to the me-sense. A 

body in time and space that is so many 

years old. It has had this experience or 

that one.

Well now what alternative have we for 

identity? As we began here with a 

me-sense one thing we have to be 

absolutely positive about is that awareness 


We were talking about the me-sense, 

which is not much to talk about. But let us 

define what the genuine identity is right 

here at the moment. The me-sense says I 

am aware because if the me-sense could 

not say I am aware the me-sense would not 

exist at all because awareness is 

absolutely essential for life. As a matter of 

fact the me-sense says that awareness and 

life are synonymous terms. I am aware. I 

am alive. This living is awareness going 

on. And it all belongs to me. As the words 

of the song go. It all belongs to me. And 

who is the me? Why to the me-sense me is 

the one who owns this awareness that is 

aware. Right here right now listening to 

these words.

Now when the answer to identity has been 

found by what we call the lights of the 

world, the prime-movers, the founders of 

the great religions, the mystics. When 

identity has been discovered lo and behold 

a strange thing happens. Awareness is 

retained and the me-sense that owns 

awareness is seen for the idiocy and the 

nothingness it is.


Let me say that again because folks as I sit 

here and talk to you now I have no papers 

before me to read. I have no notes to work 

from. This comes from the heart I am. 

When identity is discovered awareness is 

retained. The me-sense is let go. Right 

here right now. Awareness listens to the 

words on this tape recording. Awareness 

hears. Awareness sees. Awareness feels. 

All the seeing that has ever taken place is 

taking place within this awareness right 

there. All the hearing that has ever taken 

place, or ever will take place takes place 

right here within this awareness. We 

cannot get outside of this awareness to 

make certain that any hearing takes place 

anywhere else. Or that any seeing takes 

place anywhere else. Or that any feeling 

takes place anywhere else.

So awareness then is basic. But as I say 

the me-sense is let go. The me-sense. That 

which says this is my awareness. Who is 

this one who says this is my awareness? 

Who is it? Is it the body? We say well yes 

yes of course it is this body. Awareness 

belongs to this body. But has that view of 

life accomplished anything? It seems to 

have brought the world to the brink of 

absolute destruction. It seems to have 

been searching for happiness for lo the ten 

thousand years past but lo having found 

none it grows old and weary and aches. 

And says my time is short. The me-sense 

that is a few days and full of trouble has 

been disparaged by all the lights of the 

world. We have been told to let it go. To 

put it off.

So the me who says this is my awareness 

is just a concept. Who says it belongs to 

the body? Because the body is included 

within awareness. The only place where 

one is conscious of a body is within 

awareness. Without awareness there 
would be no consciousness of the body. 

Where do we see the fingers and the toes? 

Where do we see the face in the mirror? 

Where do we see the protruding belt-line 

or the sagging busts line? But within 


Awareness is the primary. And that which 

it includes are its qualities and attributes.

So the me-sense then is a fiction. A fraud 

from the beginning. And we can this 

moment right here even now as we listen 

to the tape machine making strange clicks 

in the background. We can even right here 

let go the me-sense. And what does it 

leave? It leaves awareness on the scene. 

We retain awareness and let go the 


I have a letter here that seems applicable 

at this moment. The gentleman writes. He 

says ‘Dear Mr Samuel I enjoy your 

philosophy’. And he goes on to say ‘but he 

would like to have a very practical 

answer’. He says ‘please be practical. Tell 

me exactly how this awareness business is 

applicable to me. And how it relates to my 

daily affairs. Tell me how it should feel to 

me’. Then he asks this question that I 

would like to answer for everyone. ‘Am I 

supposed to feel the same when I am 

working as when I study and meditate?’ 

Well let me address that. ‘Am I supposed 

to feel the same when I am working as 

when I study and meditate?’

Now listen gently. Please just listen gently 

with the heart. When one takes hold of 

awareness to be his identity. That is, as we 

understand that awareness itself is 

identity and we are not the possessor of 

awareness. Rather we are awareness 

itself. Now as we do this we began, and I 

must say it is a slow beginning, but it is a 

consistent, persistent beginning that 

continues. We began to experience a 

practical and tangible and very obvious 

absence of anxiety. Of fear. Of the old 

human consternation and apprehension. 

And especially there is a lessening of 

human desire. That is a desire for anything 

other than a knowledge of the truth itself. 

This feeling of equanimity remains I guess 

in this odebliss state. This is the term that 

the Oriental have given it. Awareness 

remains in this odebliss state for just a 

time. For just a time. And then it slowly 

blossoms into quite a new dimension that 

has an entire new set of sensations that, I 

do not know how to describe it except to 

call it peace. My peace.

I can in no way describe this peace. I have 

tried. I do not think anyone can describe it. 

But I can tell you how we go about our 

daily affairs with it. Our daily affairs seem 

to have a new vigour within it. We find 

ourselves with new insight. We find 

ourselves filled with new ideas continually 

coming. And they are not ideas that just 

benefit us as an individual but they are 

ideas from which the whole world can 


Now what do we do about our daily 


We continue just as always. To make a 

living. But we somehow do it now without 

the old interferences of worry, frustration 

and vain desire. And there is less family 

dis-harmony. You know we still see trees, 

flowers, and things. Our children still 

appear to go through all of the growing 


We still have to discipline them if they 

appear to need it. And yet all we do, all we 

see, all we experience; when we live as 

awareness itself begins to be experienced 

within some … atmosphere of peace. Of 

satisfaction. A sense of all rightness. A 

sense of peace. A tranquillity. And we find 

ourselves knowing the meaning of things 

we never knew before. We find ourselves 

watching others. Knowing their motives 

even before they speak. And we find 

ourselves knowing what to do. Knowing 

what to do about most of the situations 

that present themselves to us. If not 

immediately then eventually. It is as if a 

voice were behind us saying ‘this is the 

way walk ye in it’. When you turn to the 

right hand and when you turn to the left. 

Indeed living as this simple credulous, 

child-like awareness we are so instructed.

We have all heard about the old man who 

is to be put off. Well the old man and the 

me-sense are the same one. The old man is 

simply that one we believe ourselves to be 

when we consider ourselves a point in time 

and space to whom awareness or life has 

been  given. We let that one go when we 

take life, awareness to be the one we are. 

And dismiss the concept of ourselves as 

the one who owns it. As the one who 

contains it within himself.

And it seems to me that it is well to repeat 

awareness. This one right here. When we 

speak of the personal judgement of this or 

of that, we are not talking about the 

judgements and the opinions and the 

evaluations that the world out there make. 

We are talking about those that are made 

right here as this awareness. As this 

awareness called oneself. As this 

awareness called I.

When we talk about the old man we are 

not talking about the misidentification of 

our friends, and relatives, and the people 

down the street. Or about the incorrect 

opinions that they appear to have of 

themselves. We are talking about the 

misidentity only we can presume ourselves 

to be right here right now ourselves.


To put off that one is not for others to do 

but for me to do right here. Others have 

nothing to do with this. The picture of the 

world, including others is all right here 

and now. This awareness being I. Not 

another. Seest thou this? The fabled last 

judgement. The great fabled last 

judgement takes place here. Right here as 

I be awareness I. Instead of the container 

of it, the possessor of it, the owner of it.

As I live as simple, credulous, Child-like, 

gentle awareness and not the possessor of 

it, the grand custodian of it.

Once upon a time we had looked out on 

experience and we saw it divided into a 

good and evil world. We took sides. We 

choose to fight with the right against the 

wrong. We took up the cudgel. As valiant 

soldiers we march to war we undertook to 
slay the dragon and to heal the world. We 

shouted to our universe ‘this is the way 

walk ye in it’. Well now the circle, nearly 

closed we see that all we see is precisely 

as it should be. We see that the levels of 

education, even as they appear are neither. 

Neither right nor wrong. Good nor bad. 

Material nor spiritual. Or real nor unreal. 

Or dream nor any other such thing. What 

are they? Why they are perfect images. 

Just being perfect images. Isness. Amness. 

Iness. Being isness. Being exactly what 

they are.

But who am I? Who am I? Why nothing of 

myself. Awareness is being aware of all 

that God is mindful of. And this awareness 

right here right now is busily perceiving 

the infinity of perfect being. This is who I 

am. This is what I, identity am. And what I 

am doing. Nothing else.

And the awareness the consciousness 

listening to these words. Is the self same 

awareness. The self same awareness. God 

awareness. And nought else.

Comprehendest thou this? Of course you 

do. Of course you do.

Years ago someone wrote that all the 

people on earth, if they were assembled in 

one place standing side by side would 

occupy only a square mile of land. Well 

they would certainly cover more land than 

that today. But let us use that square mile 

for the sake of an illustration that will 

make a point.

Imagine in your mind’s eye that all 

humanity is brought together into a great 

glass pyramid whose four corns cover a 

square mile of earth. Now these people 

are standing jammed together like young 

people at a rock concert, inside the great 

crystal pyramid. And all of them are 

facing   the centre. Well now how would 

each person describe what he sees as he 

looks up? Well each one would see the four 

quadrants of glass coming together at the 

top. Now let us suppose that they can see 

the stars beyond including Polaris, the 

North Star whose position remains 

constant. And these people are asked to 

give a description of the North Star’s 

location. Have you got that? Everybody 

inside a big glass crystal pyramid. There 

are looking beyond. 

They look up and they see the North Star 

and they are asked to describe it’s 


Well those who stand in the east of the 

pyramid would make different 

measurements to plot Polaris than do 

those who are in the west. As a matter of 

fact everyone down there every man, 

woman and child would have a slightly 

different version of the North Star’s 

location relative to the great glass panels 

that come to a point up above them. 

Therefore each person within this great 

glass pyramid represents a unique point of 

view. Now next suppose that certain 

creeds and dogmas about the star’s 

location have developed through the 

centuries. The east side view of things 

would certainly be different from the west 

side view. Similar to the differing religious 

views we have in the world today. Further 

most people who are too busy with family 

and other affairs to even look up and 

measure for themselves so they have 

grown accept whatever idea is popular in 

their own locales. There is an eastern 

pyramid view of thought. A western, a 

northern, and a southern view of thought. 

Well now can you not see how religious 

ideas, all pertaining to the same Polaris, 

the same God but seen through the eyes of 

different cultures have developed through 

the centuries? Well now we have 

worldwide communication that is 

linking and we are beginning to see these 

strange differences. That the Muslim has a 

point of view. That the Christian has a 

point of view. 

And the Jew still another point of view.

Man’s personal views of his relationship to 

Godhead is not unlike the pyramid 

people’s view of their relationship to the 

North Star. Religious ideas generally refer 

to the same one. To the same God. To the 

same ineffable. But each one has it’s own 

sets of proofs for validity. And in truth 

every statement is valid. That is every 

statement about Godhead is valid so far as 

it’s major goals. Is it not strange that some 

of the world’s religions can perceive these 

differences and allow for it while others 

stand like staunch old southern pines in 

the wind refusing to give any other point of 

view an inch. Claiming that their own 

perspective is the only valid perspective of 

the ineffable.

Oh my just recently a storm blew through 

here and it twisted so many pines. Tops 

right off. Staunch unyielding points of 


We see that all eyes pointing to the top, 

looking up at this pyramid, represent 

individual points of view. Individual lines of 


Now so let me show in a simple way how 

powerful subjectivism is. Now the new 

wave of things happening in the world now 

is this subjective view. Subjective thinking 

is the new wave of things that is to come 

for mankind. Well now just one person 

down there having learned the top-down 

method of thinking and comprehending, 

which is the basis for subjectivism is like a 

person in that glass pyramid who has 

broken away from the masses and he has 

climbed up to the top of the pyramid. He is 

up at the very peak. Now his view is like a 

great eye at the top of the pyramid. And up 

there he is looking down at everyone who 

is looking up. The top-down view includes 

all of the bottom-up views within itself 

almost simultaneously. That is if everybody 

is looking right up at the point of the 

pyramid and there is a great eye there at 

the top looking down. The top-down view 

includes all of the bottom-up views. The 

top-down view is quantum. Whereas the 

bottom-up view is individual.

Now this is the advantage of subjectivism 

and its comprehension that the world 

exists within awareness. Subjectivism is to 

human thought what quantum mechanics 

has become to physics. Today we see the 

leading edge of science on the brink of 

discovering the subjective idea. They have 

found that the experiment is tied to the 

awareness that observes the experiment. 

Well that is a start. Today we have science 

backing into God. Discovering God and 

afraid to admit. Afraid that their own 

colleagues will criticise them for admitting 

that they have backed into a totality new 

marvellous top-down view of things.

Science will discover the power of 

subjectivism I think before religion does. 

And certainly before so many of the 

metaphysicians who claim to know it 

already but they do not know what to do 

with it. We guess the scientists will know 

because his arithmetic 


suggest and then insist and cause him to 

prove. Prove me now herewith.

Well now does the eye at the top quarrel 

with the opposing views at the bottom? No 


understands the basis for the difference of 

opinions. And it understands the wholistic 

reasons for mankind’s behaviour.


Oh but the top-down view would certainly 

object if one of the groups along, let us say 

the eastern or the western wall went towar 

against its opposite number over on the 

other side in the name of a creed or a 

dogma, or holy book.

So what do we do? We discover the Child 

within ourselves. And that Child takes us 

more or less quickly to the top of the 

pyramid. To the view that includes all 

views within itself. Down on the sandy 

floor of the pyramid extremism in the 

defence or the promulgation of anyone’s 

holy book, and or bottom-up view of the 

ineffable causes man in black to make 

strange utterances in the name of localised 

views of God and a call for holy wars that 

could destroy civilisation. Now on the floor 

of the pyramid one hopes that will not 

happen. But from the top one sees that 

something must happen among the 

warring unloving throngs to call 

attention to the Child’s top-down view that 

understands and forgives.

Well the prophets have all said, to a man, 

to look up; to look up willingly, or be 

forced to look up in some kind of a 

personal anguish, personal Armageddon.

Two thousand years ago Christianity came 

along to say let that mind be in us which is 

also in Christ. Which is the subjective view 

of things. But just look how Christianity’s 

dogmatic creeds are warring among 

themselves. Not just Christianity but all of 

the religions. They are all warring among 

themselves. What ever happened to the 

Child’s view that Jesus and others gave 

their lives to tell about? We get the 

top-down view. And then we live it down on 

the sandy floor of life right here in the 

objective view of things.


How do we do that? Well we find the Child 

within ourselves and we run with it. It is 

the Child within ourselves that breaks 

away from the masses and climbs that 

glass pyramid and says I want to see what 

everybody is looking at I want to go up and 

see it for myself.


We find that Child. It is in us. It is here. 

Right now. And then we run with it. We 

publish peace. That is we tell people of our 

own knowledge of this Child within. Just as 

we have been admonished to do.

We finally understand the exclusivity and 

arrogance of unyielding creeds and 

dogmas that discourage the individuals 

climb to the top of the pyramid. We see 

why the objective views have labelled 

subjectivism silly solipsism. And 

subjectively from the top we can see that 

one with God is a majority. And so the 

world unfolds within. Subjective 

consciousness within this divine 


It is us right here right now. Listening to 

and being these words.




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