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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Child Heart

A kitten is born, a wee little love ball of fluff so innocent, fragile and cute!  Full of life, energy and vigor, the playful kitten tries out his legs, runs and tumbles, climbs and leaps and scurries about.  He is totally dependent on his mother, he cannot survive without her. He knows where to go for food and his mother is at his service at all time.  His coat automatically adjusts to keep him comfortable and he's provided with a new one as the need arises.  Absolutely nothing is demanded of him, he has no responsibilities.  He chases his tail, chews on everything in his path; he has a whole world to explore and joy follows him wherever he goes. He isn't doing anything but being a kitten yet his every need is met gratuitously, without a prayer and the world is in awe of him!       
   The kitten doesn't own anything, has nothing to protect, and nothing to prove. He's free as the breeze and doesn't  know anything outside of its kitten heart.  There is no enemy - kittens playing with kittens, Mother taking care of the details. Simplicity rules, there's nothing but love going on.

       As the kitten grows he adopts the ways of the adult world and gradually loses his connection with his kitten heart. He has become a cat. He looks in the mirror and faces his first hurdle...and by the way, this will forever be the only hurdle in his life... he does not recognize himself.  His vision has become adulterated.  Corrupted by the adult ways, he loses his innocence,  he is  confused and is filled with fear.  In his nightmare he sees cats a many and they too have wandered away from home.  Outside the heart. it is survival of the fittest, each for himself; cat against cat, hoarding and accumulating, striving and competing for position and power.  His survival is at stake, he is bewildered. Home is carefree and safe and warm and loving but this is a scary place!  He soon becomes the big alley-cat, marking his own territory, standing on guard and fighting the good fight.  His vision is only one fur coat deep! 
 The instant a cat marks his territory, he is outside of his kitten heart (and heart is synonymous with life, love, light, Awareness)  where he owned nothing and had everything,  Thinking he is the possessor of life is the 'fall from grace' that is referred to in the holy books, and the 'Big Bang' in scientific terms.  This world of projected images is holographic, it isn't real but the kitten heart (the Child Heart, the One and only Son of God)  is real, the cat has only lost sight of it; the cat is in a state of amnesia.
  As he declares ownership, the cat loses his freedom, he becomes a prisoner of his own beliefs. The walls and barriers and locks he puts around himself to keep his enemy out serve but to lock him in. Locks and keys and passwords and false I.D. swipe cards, searches and guard dogs are his  security but they are never enough because he does not recognize he is his own enemy.  He continues to battle with his own image.  Armies and bombs and weapons of mass destruction only engender more fear and cannot buy his freedom. The kitten comes into this world  with everything and leaves with everything, the cat appears with nothing and disappears into nothingness. The kitten comes in to this world free and free he is eternally.  The cat will remain imprisoned until he recognizes that he is a kitten at heart!
    The shadow world is there as evidence of  the real, to be understood and loved...(away from home is where we learn to appreciate what home is)... I discover what is real by recognizing what is not real.   I do not  own life, or anything in it, I am it.  But that does not mean that I am God.  Love (God) is being all there is to life, including the holographic images. The cat world is a holographic image, a passing scene contained within the kitten world that is real, everlasting, eternal.  It has always been and will ever be.  Your kitten heart has always been here, your kitten heart is here and will never leave you.  The intellect will never see the the Heart and see,  you already are in the bosom of God!  The shadow world is a metaphor, it gives us a clue to unravel the mystery, to remember from whence we came.  
      How does one take the leap from the cat's purview back to the kitten' purrr-View?  
    The Child of God that is your Heart holds your hand on one side and God's hand on the other.  The Child knows the way.  Go within into that place of well-being and be quietness, in confidence it will appear.  You do not need special techniques of deep breathing or finding a particular posture.  It is a feeling in your heart.  You may feel it when you listen to music, or watching a sunset, or one day you walk into the forest and it becomes a cathedral.   It can be the gentle cooing of a dove or a baby's first sound or his first steps, or the smile from a friend, the rainbow appearing in the sky.  You may be sitting at your computer, for that matter or cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry... it is a soft, gentle Presence...a sense of well-being that fills your heart, perhaps it just makes you burst out into song for no apparent reason.  It flows from within, it has no rhyme or reason, it just is!  It is the extraordinary in the ordinary becoming apparent to you.  That is the attention to it, observe it, nurture it and let it grow.  "Here a little, there a little..." it will become stronger and you will discover the extraordinary in the most ordinary everyday world! You will be the purring kitten!

Blessings and happy trails to you!


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