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Monday, February 13, 2017



Prior to discovering the Child within we tried to live by rules, principles, 

outlines, tenets, commandments or religious beliefs, metaphysics, 

sciences, all of which involved policing ourselves in the hopes of 

improving our humanhood. The Child is, above all things, free, the Child 

lives from the Heart's Wisdom and does not require rules. The Child is the

 Observer, not the policeman.

We observe, our humanhood, we let it go on knowing that God is Being 

ALL. When we let it go it takes us to the Greater Love, yes, as the 

shadow  leads to the tree. Perhaps you have read Sandy's beautiful article 

on Balance by now, I will use it to make my point. Could it be that you 

are interpreting "understanding and loving" our humanhood as having to 

psychoanalyze and get to the bottom of the human condition and to 

correct it? Understanding is finding the Balance. We ride the bike (we,

 being the Child). As we steer the bike, we are holding God's hand on one 

side and Ceasar's on the other. If we ride too far to the left we end up in 

the briars, trapped in "this world', if we get too far to the right, we may be

 doing what we did with religion and metaphysics, excluding parts of our 

self, parts of our world, denying that the shadow is real, denying our 

humanhood. It is real but it is not Reality. We know it exists, how can 

we deny that we have to eat or we will not be here very long? The Middle 

Road does not deny anything: in 'this world' we give the emotions their 

space but we do not give them power, in My Kingdom we include ALL 

and we are still not in balance if we are bound by rules and laws. If we 

have found our balance we are riding between the two worlds freely,  we    
 are the All-inclusive that leaves nothing out.

I would like to ride this bike now between heart (feelings, emotion) and Heart 

(Love, Light, Compassion, Wisdom, Pain and Anguish). Feelings of anger, 

resentment, despondency, shame, the Child has no need of, the Child is not 

resentful because it IS all that It ever desires. How can It be angry or have 

anyone or thing to resent if It knows that that which It would be angry at is Its 

very Self? When dark clouds loom they are like the obstacles, pebbles or 

perhaps boulders, (depending on our perception) that get in the way of our bike.

 We ride around or over them, wherever Balance leads . If we are in Balance, 

the Child will not get stuck in 'this world', It will SEE Perfection of this One 

we Be.

 We cannot take the little self into My Kingdom, we have to understand its

existence and how can we not love it when we see that it truly is a reflection of 

a Greater Love.

Riding the bike in Balance also means that we are committed enough that 

we are willing to let our heart break open. Out of the pain and anguish we 

experience indescribable Love, Light, Compassion, Awe, Wonder...a New 

Dimension that includes so much more. I cannot say it clearly because

 you have to find it for yourself. When we hold on to anger and 

resentment, etc , we are stifling the Living Flame within. We 

acknowledge the feelings guiltlessly. They will not 'go away' if we try to 

suppress them. I reiterate, we give them space but not power and when 

they seem ominous and powerful we still KNOW the Truth about them 

even if we do not feel it for we know this is ephemeral, in time and space

 and that God is Being All that Is. For me, that is Balance, that is the 

living Child.

One would do well to always see and expect Good because Go(o)d is 

everywhere, thoughts and judgments to the contrary result in 'not good' 

(seeming). In Balance, we are free!!!! Yes, in Balance we are in God, in 

Good...we are riding between the obstacles, around them, over them, the

 obstacles only add to the thrill and Joy of Living! Once we have given up

 our training wheels we soon lose interest in the straight and perfect, the 

familiar grounds and we delve in to explore the more thrilling, captivating

 wonder of new and uncharted terrain, to investigate the challenges of 

new steep, winding hillsides, of new adventures and discoveries. As we    

get more adept we plummet through the depths of sorrow and Joy and 

soar through the unknown, fear and fearless hand-in-hand...such delight 

added to the Wonder of Living Balance. Anguish, Love, Beauty...Life Just  

The biking analogy here could be used interchangibly with skiing. One 

remains on the bunny hills only until s/he finds balance and then 

proceeds to the mountain peaks, equipped for new and greater challenges. 

Since our human existence is all-metaphorical, it is possible that you will 

discover other imagery as you see more and more with Eyes of the Heart.

ADDENDUM: It seems that some are unclear on my use of the term

 'observer', therefore I offer the following as an illustration:

If you go to a parade, you, as a beholder, simply sit there and 'observe' the watch the parade and you enjoy it, you are not concerned about 

others being out of line or not playing by the rules, that is the policeman's job. 

To the policeman the parade is incidental, he is there performing his duties of 

law enforcement. He is busy looking for problems and for what is out of 'order', 

not according to the law! You, on the other hand, are sitting there very's a Sunday afternoon, you're eating your ice cream, pointing to the 

beautiful pageantry and tapping your toe to the marching music...the 

imperfections just put a smile on your face...they are inconsequential and only 

add interest, fun and aatmosphere to the parade. If Nellie plays a false note or 

Randy marches out of step you are not concerned about that either. The 

policeman enforces law and order, the band master will take care of Nellie and 

Randy. Each will have seen only what he has eyes for.

You, the observer, look at the Big Picture. Your vision includes the whole 

parade, the policeman and the bandmaster. You are there merely enjoying 

the scene.

  If we indulge in needless figuring out which rules and laws we've broken,

if we try to understand the human frailties, to analyze, to intellectualize, 

we stay forever not understanding, the little world closes in on us, we get 

depressed, cantankerous, and miserable. If we merely observe, we are not 

trying to fix anything. This gives us the freedom to open our Eyes to the 

panoramic view, to scan the entire scene that reveals Perfect Image 

reflected in images, Perfect Being reflected in time and space, (images 

within Image). Our Real-Eyes reveal a Brighter Light that we cannot see 

with human eyes. We fix our gaze on Truth, Light, the Joy in our Heart, 

the Song in our Soul, the Love in the Eyes of the Heart, the deep 

Compassion that comes from the depths of openness, vulnerability, raw 

Beauty, Heart of Flame and Passion. We are like the lilies of the field that 

never spin nor toil. Beauty truly is in the Eye of the Beholder.

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