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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Two Worlds
"And God saw every thing that he had made
And behold, it was very good"
Then, why are we fighting and killing each other?
We live between two worlds, one within the other, 
one subjective and invisible, the other, objective and 
visible. The invisible world is our authentic home 
that is our source, our very essence. It is a subjective 
world, a happy playground, a Meadow that is peace 
and beauty and love, a place of harmony, a place 
where there is no division, no sorrow, no tears. This 
is our eternal, immortal, perfect in every way. Only 
One lives there. That world is right here where I am 
this very moment, and I am here and you are here and 
we are all here that God Intangible may be seen 

The world that we see, the human scene is that world 
within the invisible world. One appears as many, each is 
a facet of the one. Our eyes, filled with the Light 
that we are made of, cannot see that we are One 
at  Source; our sojourn on the planet is one of 
self-discovery. We have to, somehow, wash 
ourselves clean of this sense of duality, or 
plurality...the sense that we are many.

The World of One, the Real World is the Free 
World...who can fight with One...who would we 
fight, who would we disagree with? Who would 
we drop bombs on? And then who would we 
hide from? Who would we defend against? The 
world of many is the paper world within the real 
and is the one that is at war with itself 
and it is in the same place that the Real World is 
right here  and now, so we do have a choice. 
Outside in the cold war or within the Dominion 
that is One, the GOOD One! No crusade needed, 
just a shift in identity...we throw away our old 
paper I.D. and SHINE the Light I Am!

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