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Thursday, February 2, 2017

A final Word about Marriage and "Organization"

A Final Word About Marriage and

W. Samuel

Reader, you have seen many marital difficulties solved as 

you stopped pointing the finger of guilt to the other half 

out there” and began to see that one as an aspect of the 

Self you are. Now, watch the happy wonders that will 

happen in your marriage as you stop thinking of yourself 

as a member of the marriage institution! To believe that 

is to yield yourself a servant who can be smothered by it. 

The Awareness that includes the organization has the 

dominion, not the organization. You are not a member of 

the marriage institution even though it may appear so. 

That institution is your member, an aspect of yourself. 

This is to see that the institution of human marriage does 

not have the authority to make us either happy or 

miserable, whether part of our experience or not!

Now, be cautious lest you let the intellect look on this as 

a threat to itself, under the guise of a threat to “home 

family and marriage.” The dominion of Allness is not a 

threat to itself, nor to anything that is real—and there is 

nothing real but Allness.

* * * * * *

We do not belong to an organization no matter how many 

of them include our names on their roster of members. 

Rather, the organization, institution, fraternity or 

whatever, “belongs” to us, included within and as the 

Consciousness we are.

How can life belong to an idea it includes within itself? 

While the tangible point in time and space (called Bill or 

 Mary) may “belong” to this or that organization for 

intellectual or social purposes (and there is nothing 

wrong with that!) that does not mean that identity-I has 

surrendered its heritage. Our slowly arrived-at knowledge 

of this Fact is the start of the conscious recovery of our 

holy Birthright. In Truth, it has never really been 

surrendered except in the binding, blinding belief that 

there is a medical fraternity, a scientific or religious 

organization, a marriage institution, a business and 

financial institution, a human society or a body 

organization to which we are subservient members and, 

therefore, supposed to bow down, salaam three times and 

do what “they” say or pay the consequences “they” 


The dominion is ours. “And God gave man dominion…” 

“Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves servants 

to obey, his servants ye are…?” The New English Bible 

puts it: “You know well enough that if you put yourself at 

the disposal of a master, to obey him, you are slaves…”

Now, does this mean that we are to do battle with the 

appearances of “principalities and powers” “out there”? 

Not at all. It means that we see the Power here as I, not 

there as that. And then act in accord, and then act in 


“What if the institution will not permit me to act in 

accord?” Then we are forced to live (in order to know

that the institution has no authority to prevent the 

Self-all-is from being the Self-All-is. This is what is 

going on in the world of appearances right now. The only 

institutions that will survive the growing turmoil are 

those that yield up their pseudo-authority to let ISNESS 

be the Authority.

Now hear this: That yielding is not done out there with 

the appearance of the institution. It is done here as this 

awareness we are! Do you see this?

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