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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Light is a fascinating subject. My first glimpses, 
the first stirrings in my heart, were brought forth 
by the receding evening light. I had been told that 
meditation was very important, to sit and control 
the mind, blank the mind and it didn't seem to 
work for me. However, each evening when the sun 
began its descent and the shadows danced so 
mysteriously, so playfully, there was magic in the 
air, a wonderful calmness in my heart, a familiar, 
yet new sense of something very sweet, gentle and 
joyful. A most majestic weeping willow across the 
street faithfully joined me in what became a daily 
experience. She gracefully waved her beautiful 
arms in agreement, in confirmation of the 
authenticity, of the reality and the sacredness of 
these moments. There was a sense of being at 
home, of belonging, of deep contentment and 
gratitude in my heart. It was my "Happy Hour"  
cocktail, the Beloved Father generously lavishing 
upon His Beloved Child Its Beauty, His Splendor 
in a display of Grace and Wonder. This is a 
cherished memory that takes on more depth and 
meaning as I make my ascent to the mountaintop.
It is so delightful to hear your bird stories! It is 
proof that we each are the One and Only Child 
being loved in a very special, unique way. Our 
names truly are written ' the palm of His 
hand..' Such a love story!
At one point I found puppy dogs in the park to be 
the messengers. I observed the happy puppy 
wagging its tail and jumping again and again to 
kiss his master! It was such a wonderful discovery 
for me when I saw that there was no puppy doing 
anything but it was Joy and Love appearing as 
puppy, etc. etc... The Canada geese are just making 
their way south at this time of year and they are 
just absolutely spectacular. They fly in such 
interesting formations... they are spreading Love 
all over the sky and singing their gratitude to their 
northern hosts as they make their way, together as 
One to their Perfect destination and by golly, they  
know where that is...yes, birds are amazing and I 
guess even more so when they speak to you in 
such a special way.
"Back to the non-intellectualizing Child... " you 
say.  Hmm, yes the Child is the feeling, loving 
Heart, but I dare say the Child is also the 
Equation, the Balance and the Heart does not bar 
out or exclude the intellect. Isn't there a balancing 
act going on there too?  I can give heed to the 
intellect, in fact I must give the intellect its place 
and let it work in co-operation with the Heart to 
reach agreement or I might be the childish child 
rather than the Child-Child.  

William Samuel was a very prolific writer 
and he does not offend the intellect...what he says 
makes sense... he unravels mysteries to satisfy 
science as well as the Heart and that is the most 
appealing thing to me. I can follow the Child, yes, 
without having to leave the intellect outside.
To Thine Own Self Be True! The rarer the gem the 
more precious is the stone. What can be more 
precious than this One You are!!! God expressing 
as unique, individual being. There is no other to 
live the life that is yours. God has given it to you, 
to no one else.  You are God's precious, shining, 
glimmering, one-of-a-kind jewel, a Pearl of Great 
Price! Who can think your thoughts; who feels the 
Joy, the Peace in your heart; who can speak your 
protects your uniqueness. You cannot add 
anything to the Perfection you already are. You are 
ever living the mystery of Love, Light, Wonder in 
every unconditioned, pristine, New moment. 
Self-complete, Self-maintained, Self-sustained. 
One priceless, unique gem!
    The time has come to look in the mirror and see   
    Self, Beautiful, Powerful, all-inclusive, excluding 
    nothing and no one...ever expanding and 
    accepting more of Perfection that includes all the 
    imperfections....your Self is the " Full Spectrum 
    Including All!"   The Self swims in a great Ocean of 
    Love, Light, Sweetness, in Allness.
... I can now appreciate and love the incredibly 
beautiful Self that is God's expression in this 
dimension, on this planet, right here, right now.  
am free to feel my feelings, to enjoy my human 
relationships (images of Image), to participate in 
all the activities that are given me to do (no 
division between physical and spiritual 
'all-inclusive')... I have no secrets to keep from 
my-self....I am trying to give words to the Heart's 
Song that is singing Itself.
The words from William Samuel that gave my 
Heart real Hope were from a tape about journal 
keeping. He said that I have 'my own Truth' and I  
felt the test of this statement immediately when he 
said that gone were the days of listening to others, 
that only what my Heart responds to is my 
Truth...that I have my own message... That rang 
True, I felt it in my Heart, my Heart was in 
agreement and I wanted to shout "YES, YES"!That 
was the starting point. It helped me to know how 
to listen to my heart. My heart talks to me in many 
wondrous ways but it talks very directly and truly 
through feeling. We have been led to deny too 
many things, and especially the feelings. I now 
cannot appreciate those feelings enough...they are 
my Heart telling me True. I had been conditioned 
to "be good" and to not feel or to not respect my 
feelings  Feeling is the key
Images are the invitation to listen to the Heart.  
Our purpose is not to try to change anything.  Our 
purpose is to understand the world and to love it.
... She has low self-esteem because she does not 
know herself. She suffers from mistaken identity. 
Self-image is at a low ebb when one identifies with 
the ego-self, the little nothingness, powerless 
image that is the pseudo-self. 
As one begins to examine, to delve into one’s 
identity " who am I; what am I..." and so 
on…he/she begins to find new dimensions to 
his/herself. Once the Heart of being is discovered, 
the little self that relies on human belief, human 
history, human experience, begins to fade away;  
the world of intellectual judgment loses its grip. 
This "low self-image" is seen for what it is, an 
image, a show of the real Self that is the Truth, the 
Reality of being.
The Truth of Being is found in the Heart, the 
Heart is the Revelator, the place of Knowing, of 
Truth, of Life. Unlock the Heart and you will find 
all you ever wanted and more. I discover that God 
is Life itself, the Life of me, the Life of everyone 
and everything on this planet. God lives my life. I 
have no life of my own. Of myself I am nothing. 
God is all in all, as all. The Life of the grand elm 
Tree, of the rosebud, is the same Life that is God.
The love you feel when the deer visit your front 
lawn, the beauty, the "ahhhhh" feeling when you 
look at the stars or sit by a bonfire, the love you 
feel when you hear a baby laugh,are all coming 
from this Child/Heart of God. And this is so for all 
those considered to be your friends as well as your 
     I had better start paying attention. Do I want to be 
    throwing bombs at the Child/Heart of God? Do I    
    want to be condemning the Child of God, judging
    Its activity, Its world as less than perfect? Do I 
    really have wisdom or intelligence or love of my 
    own? Where do I get all this from? Is God’s 
   perfect world to be ignored while I indulge in my 
   own judgment based on human experience? The 
   Heart will lead me to the Truth, to the Light of 
   Being. What I see out here is the image (mirror) of 
   what I am within. The ones out there proclaiming 
  my unworthiness are nothing but a mirror reflecting 
  back to me my own perception of who and what I    I
am. When I accept the Truth of my Heart, my 
world will reflect this Reality and war shall be no mo
re: tears will turn to joy, darkness to light, the perfect 
pictures of Perfect Being, the Only One there IS.
Listen to the Heart. Do not be influenced by what 
you see, hear, touch and smell. These are the 
senses that tell you, falsely, that the planet is still, 
that the earth is flat, that train tracks come 
together in the distance, the senses that present a 
mirage of water on the road, etc… The 
Child/Heart is my true identity and it is there to 
be acknowledged and to set me free. I have the key 
to Self-Identity at its highest!! I need only to be 
still, welcome and invite the Heart, ask for Its 
advice and it will grow. I have nothing to fear for I 
know that since the Child/Heart of God is my true 
identity, nothing can be added to me and nothing 
can be taken from me. I am already, here and now 
God’s perfect child. The gold chain I look for 
already is hanging around my neck.

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