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Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Is not conscious Awareness directly "between" seer and seen, as seeing in action? Who will deny it? Generally, the world is unaware of the Balance that pervades everything, permeating the events of nature and the activities of men. Balance is more than a simple presence, however; it is the basis for the way images appear—animate and inanimate, tangible and intangible, etc. More than that, it is the foundation for all that is seen as movement and action.

Words are insufficient to picture this Balance adequately. The Balance, the Whole-Center, is not Isness itself, but the totality of that which Isness knows Itself to be; it is the Self, the Identity-I. The Balance appears to our opinion-making, "thing"-evaluating, self-misidentification as a constant contention between all the dualities judgment creates-open-closed, male-female, hot-cold, good-evil, life-death, first-last, old-young, and on to infinity.

Now listen: To experience an end to all contention with "duality" (not in lip service nor in "Absolute" theory, but in fact) experienced Tranquility, the end of experienced emotional duality, hinges on our mindfulness of Tranquility as a balanced center between "feeling good" and "feeling bad." If we are to enjoy the vistas of Peace lived, if we are to enjoy the Sabbatical Rest that comes from no longer swinging back and forth, we must stop the judgmental pendulum. The Kingdom of Identity "is a movement and a rest," exactly as the one called Jesus said!


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