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Monday, February 20, 2017


William Samuel

The honest philosophy doesn’t have us climbing through 

“states and stages” of “spiritual unfoldment” but has us  


PERFECTION, there, flinging off the former cloaks of 

concepts that has us crawling scratching and grasping 

our way up the leg of some distant god, hoping to 

eventually arrive at a holy navel of rebirth THEN 

rather than NOW.
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The honest “teacher” of the Truth LIVES the Light he is 

and speaks to his view of himself (people) about their 

UPRIGHTNESS, not their faults (that merely delineate 

their faultlessness), not their sins (which bespeak their 

sinlessness), not their weaknesses—because the honest 

metaphysician perceives that the REAL, and the apparent 

human foibles that delineate It, are all one REAL, not a 

dualism at all.

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And the honest Awareness of Light lives as the Light he 

finds himself to be discloses he SHOULD live, without 

compromise, and without fear of the coldness that ensues 

when his former cloaks of ego are thrown into the abyss 

of lessons learned, called memory.

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The honest philosophy doesn’t hedge about the 

appearance of“dualism” but EXPLAINS the whys and 

hows of it, for every aspect of it—ultimately to disclose 

that that appears divided is not a dichotomous dualism at 

all, any more than the Symphony and its delineating 

notes (harmonious or discordant) are anything but ONE 

Symphony disclosing Itself to Itself.

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The honest metaphysics doesn’t hush nor hedge on the

subject of sex and gender, but EXPLAINS it, fully,

completely, honestly, without mental reservations or 

concessions to an anthropomorphic propriety nor how 

before theinevitable crucifixion of sex deluded arguments 

that see everything through the eyes of sex alone.

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The honest metaphysics doesn’t give vague, vacuous, 

vomiting explanations of the appearance of birth and 

death, but DEMONSTRATES the Life that death 

delineates—and LIVES the effervescent, unbound, 

eternal CHILDLIKENESS that judgeless awareness 

eternally is.

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The honest metaphysics doesn’t incessantly discount the 

validity of “pain and anguish” but points out the reasons 

for the appearance of them and validates the proof that 

mortal suffering is not the dualistic opposite of 

Tranquillity but is the POWERLESS delineation of 

it—Tranquillity the eternal Fact,the delineation, 

Omniscience’s knowledge of all Tranquillity is

 not and could never be.

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And finally, the honest “teacher” of metaphysics does not 

leave nor forsake one while his dreamlike night of the 

fiery furnace is lived as the fiction it is and wherein the 

philosophic postulates of a Here and Now Perfection are 

discovered BEYOND intellectuality, beyond surmise, faith 

or intellectual doubt.

The time for our intellectual honesty to give way to a lived

honesty has arrived—an arrival to shake the earth, 

reverse the magnetic polarity of its thinking, loosing and 

letting fly the tectonic plates of magnetic materiality, 

even while our former shields of protection vanish, 

allowing the naked Child we are to be bathed in a rain 

(reign) of Light unbelievably bright.

These are not just “psychic” events I speak of, but 

mental,physical and spiritual as well—all the same Event, 

disclosing Itself tangibly as Identity: Identity known 

omnisciently even as Omniscience knows Itself.

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