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Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Child Heart

The little girl within me searches not to comprehend
   She trusts Life and adapts to different situations.

   She welcomes the New Day as the most beautiful  present!
 She delicately embroiders with words from her heart...
 Her behavior at times unbecoming of the Adult    before her.

 The child is a model of Faith in Life...
He has the gift of easily building
 a world in his/her own image!
 A world where the Knight comes 
to rescue his Princess...
A world akin to Eden...
From there he finds his Grand Power
 to meet sometimes intolerable situations!

 He is still  in possession of the Grand Secrets of the Universe
and he relies with all confidence on his Guardian Angel! 
He chooses to BELIEVE in spite of much evidence to the contrary..
.He is starey-eyed when we speak of Santa Claus
 and would love to bury his nose in his soft white beard!
He still believes that the Bird sings just for him! 
That the brook invites him to wet the tips of his toes
and  contains a million wonders!
 A dog is his great friend
and the Man saws logs on the Moon while he sleeps and dreams of angels!
 He believes that ALL IS POSSIBLE

When I take the time to rediscover that 'little girl' in me...
I reunite with her deep essence...
I reconnect myself with her dreams
and I run with her to meet the POSSIBLE...
this way I do not get tangled up in my many beliefs
 accumulated with the thread of time
 and with my experiences! 

I cease using only my 'intellect' and live with my heart also!
As this 'little girl', I stop relying on appearances.
 I rely  on her graciousness and just like her....
I affirm with conviction that I can TURN THE WORLD AROUND! 
At least, I can make my little corner of the World better!
As a child, I go in search of treasures hidden in my SOUL...
I am Enthusiasm, Faith and Joy of Life! 
Tenderly, I observe her and I ask the Universe to transmit 
 her Vitality and her Energy to me!

Yes, I rediscover my child heart
and I cast an "illumined" eye on all that  asks for nothing
but to come out of the shadows! 
I turn myself into a "magic" caress and whisper:
I LOVE YOU AS 'BIG...BIG..BIG...' like the World, 
the Moon and the Stars!

(Translated with permission from
Jovette Mie)

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