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Friday, December 2, 2016


 William Samuel

The Christmas season commemorates our own 

awakening birth of the Christ Truth within, 

arrival of our own identity. The Christmas 

season marks the prodigal’s return from 

the land of husks. This is the time when

the fires of the hearth are rekindled—the time 

for coming home.
Coming home to what? To consciousness, to 

Identity, to the heritage promised us from the 

beginning to the Love we are, to the carefree 

Child we are. To warmth  and tenderness, 

simplicity and gentleness- to the happiness 

that REALITY is.

Reader, if could give the gift of childlikeness, I 

would. But this is our nature already—and this 

is the only nature that comes to see, accept  

and live the Real. Intellectuality decries the 

season, anxious to have it over. But 

childlikeness sees the sparkle of silver tassels 

all year. Childlikeness listens to the laughter 

of angels every minute. Childlikeness tastes 

the sweet sugarplums of Simplicity right here, 

right now—and feels the gentle Love of 

Christmas forever! 


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