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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Star Light
by Sandy Jones

The twinkle of Light comes to me night and day, in all that I am doing, all the time;  God is All in all and God is Love.  A twinkle of Light that catches my eyes and It makes me smile and giggle.  It is so simple and so clear.  Sweet gentle Truth.  I just stay here at this twinkling light of the beginning.  The beginning is right here where I stay.  The beginning, for me, is always, always the same.  It is so easy to find the beginning, so easy that it seems to take an innocent child-heart to find it; God is All in all and God is Love.  There is no other, and hence no other to concern myself with.  No other One that God and God's Awareness.  This Awareness, this The Now I Am.

I begin my day in the Silence of His Presence where this light shines and I start all thinking from The Higher View.  The vision that sees the World and all that is within it, as God's Awareness, God's Grace, God's Mind.  Consciousness appearing as tangible world. I see all this as One Self, the Self of God being what God Is.

What a wonder!  the recognition of this always brings the gentle, sweet "Peace beyond understanding", always.  Peace is Here at the Beginning.  The Beginning is a comprehension, a recognition,a remembering or sense of The Infinite, all time and all space, and Now as the Totality of God and God's Awareness.  This is It, there is nothing more or less than God.  At this place where I see all things from the beginning, I stand atop all things, I see and live and be God's Aloneness and Self-Awareness.  This is All in all and there is nothing else besides This One.  

Here, at the top, at the beginning, I see an expansive vision, an infinite view that is all inclusive, nothing else going on, really.  Here I live and the tangible world is a myriad of images, images made of The Word of God, the Very Voice of God, images that exist because God is speaking, seeing and being all that is.  I see images in abundance and some appear to be up to their own personal little world's business, but in fact, whether they know it or not, they are always going about the business of being About the Business of God, God alone.

From here, from atop the Great Mountain, I see there is nothing that goes on that can affect the incorruptible peace of The One That is Being This very Mountain, Now Presence. The one Mind that is being all that It includes of Its Self.

This reminds me of that quote from Heinz Pagels (quantum physicist).  He said "If you want to build a robust universe, one that will never go wrong, then you don't want to build it like a clock, for the smallest bit of grit could cause it to go awry.  However, if things at base are utterly random, nothing can make them more disordered.  Complete randomness at the heart oof things is the most stable situation imaginable-- a divinely clever way to build a sturdy universe."

Thanks Heinz, this makes perfect sense.  Divine Intelligence certainly knows what It is doing.

It is a good point.  I know it's true.  How else could God be, but absolutely Total and therefore absolutely incorruptible.  Absolute has no beginning, yet This One is the Beginning without end, that comes from nowhere and goes nowhere and is the living source of this very moment.  God is all that is and is this perfect Now and what peace this gift of discovery brings.  What a Joy Life is.  How amazing Grace is, indeed.  Here It is all the while, just looking at us straight in the face, and most don't even notice.

Well, I must say, the breeze from up here is soft and easy, simple, sweet and fresh.  A glory it is.  I stand on top of God's Great Mountain and all that is going on is all so very beautiful just as it is.  How can it not be beautiful when I know that God IS the very cause of it all.  God is being the energy, the power, the Light that makes the tangible universe.  God is the Mind, the Tone, the Song, the Twinkle that makes the world visible.  I am in Love.  Everything is beautiful because God is being the totality of it all.  Here is the Joy.  This Love that God Is is Total and complete, it is all That Is.  There is nothing to fear, ever.  Top down view, the view that sees the world with the eyes of the heart, simple and sweet it is; sees with God's eyes, real eyes or realize, I know God is All in all and All is Perfect Being.  I know surely this is Heaven right here and now always.

It is all Love, and this Love Is,  whether humanity-man loves or does not love.  This Love is manifest in the world.  It is manifest now and does not depend on anyone or thing in order to be.  This Love, It is already Love, Is Love, I am It because there is no other.  Love is Now, and Now is sacred, forever Here because God is All that is, the very I that I Am.  Self inclusive Oneness is the Isness of What Is and It is about the business of Being Here and Now.  "Thy Light Is come" already, now is Light the Love, Life. Life is God and this Life is Now.  This very moment is God's and there is no other moment.  We are living it.  This is It and it is the miraculous.  We are, already the Living Miracle.  We need do no more than we already Be.  I find The Beginning and stay Here, sweet and simple.

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