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Friday, December 9, 2016

Glimpses and Glimmers

It is sad to want to share our glimpses and glimmers 

and to think that the inspirations ceased flowing 

because we did not share them or did not have    

someone to share them with.

Life is an ebb and flow, we breathe in and breathe 

out; the ocean ebbs and flows; we have cycles of     

      night and day the seasons are cyclical.  Our 

experience on  this planet is a cycle of life, death

and rebirth. 

Likewise with glimpses and glimmers that are the 

glimmering, shimmering Light of Information, the 

words to the Love Song of the Heart. The glimpse 

comes to us as a seed.  We cherish it, nurture it, we 

LIVE IT, test it, prove it and we write down our 

findings.   If we are willing to share, that is all that is 

required. God knows the intent of our Heart.

  The tree stands tall and flowers and     
brings forth fruit. If no one comes to pluck 

its fruit it drops the fruit to the ground, if    the 

fruit is picked that is lovely, if not the seed 

is returned to the beginning. The tree 

gives back to the ground and the seed is 

planted again, it is a complete LIFE


If we were bombarded with so much 

continuous Light we would burn out!  What 

seems like a dry period is the resting 

period, a time for regeneration and 


True, the fruit is there for sharing, the 

vine obviously does not consume its own 

grapes. Like the tree we do not need to 

search for someone to share our glimmers 

with.  The tree is happy being a tree. If 

someone does not come by to harvest the 

fruit the tree is not punished!   We are not 

compelled to DO anything, we just BE.  If 

it makes my Heart sing to put a book 

together or a website or if I am given 

'others' to share with that is wonderful but 

I can NEVER be separated from the One, 

Never.  I do not have to earn God's favor.  I 

already AM the Allness.  I will not be 

punished for not uprooting myself and 

running around to try peddling my fruit!


We ride the waves of Faith, we go with the 

flow. If we go through a 'dry' spell, as the 

Observer, we are aware of it, we know this 

is not outside of God’s Awareness. We 

know that it is Perfect, the dry spell is 

doing its work of emptying out and making 

room for more. That is Living Light! 

The tree is also content to display its own 

fruit and it does not have to solicit lemons  

from the lemon tree to embellish itself or 

to attract more attention. My Life truly is 

about One and Only Me. God knows and 

experiences ItSelf in the microcosm and in 

the macrocosm. God is the Allness of Me 

and God loves all that I Am because God is 

Being Me.

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  1. Wonderful - and yes, yes, ride the Flow of faith - Life Itself - thank you Rose -