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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This excerpt has been posted before
but it is such an important one
I thought it right to go into the New Year with it.

Happy Fruitful Joyful 2017 to all
the gentle hearts who do me
the honor of visiting my pages.
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Rose Burrows

The latest posts are from an old website. 
If this appeals to you,  I have
more old website articles that
I could share as well.

Excerpt from audio tape: "Springtime in Alabama"
(A William Samuel 1968 Talk)
...Well, listener, listen to this, see if there is any truth in this statement. The value in any message of truth is in direct proportion to that message's insistence that we turn within and discover for one's self the message, the divine identity that has ever been all one is. The honesty of any truth message, be it Buddah  or Goldsmith or Jesus, or Sambo's or the board of director's or the pope's or the president's, lies in the statement that the truth is in one's self and IS one's Self.
  We were talking bout the honest message, the honest truth message. The honest truth message, as we said, lies in one that turns one to discover himself within, one that turns one within where the real discoveries are made, to turn within to the secret place, to the holy of holies, to the Shekinah and there find the true message. The beauty of such a message, it seems to me, lies in its fulfilling the function of way showing, but doing it void of theory, void of speculation or commentary and it's a message that doesn't bind the seeker, it doesn't induce guilt nor encourage the veneration of the messenger or the messenger's words. The childlikeness of such a message encourages one to find the beauty and power and the wonder of his own words and to express the discovered life within. Such is the work the Child does. The place is within. The place is within, within Consciousness, the place is within this very Awareness that listens to these words. It is not in any scientific metaphysical system and it isn't in the semantic games we play with the words of others. If, as is the case with nearly all organized theology, the message speaks primarily of healing and demonstrations and of altered states of consciousness, and all of those peripheral events, such a message can be as stultifying and misleading as it is helpful. Therefore, it isn't worthy of identity. Ultimately, we have done with following the messages of others to become the finder or our own Messiahship, we find our own message. Salvation lies in this action and in no other. The first freedom and the last freedom lie in self-discovery. That discovery is immaculate, untouched by anyone else. It is a virgin discovery and recognition of deity within and without. Any message that has one following a personal leader or teacher for anything longer than is absolutely necessary to find the authority that one himself is, is a distorting, thwarting teacher.
  I'm not saying that we don't follow the instructions of others, that we don't read or listen to others, that's what we're doing right now, for goodness sakes, but the ones to listen to are the ones who tell us that the messenger lies within and that we go there to find it. Those who speak of levels of awareness, of states and stages of consciousness, of spiritual hierarchies, as though they were outside one's very own awareness right here and now, are liars from the beginning. Their teachings confuse the world with false hope and robe the innocent with false pretence. We are done with that to find the word that is nigh thee, even in thy mouth and in thy heart.  

I've been told by those who first heard these words, "I can't believe there's much wisdom in me, I can't believe that my message is the message,” 'and yet everything that one does is predicated on his own words. The words that one believes most fervently are his own words. But, since when does Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence need messengers with messages that point to themselves rather than God and that's what we're turning to when we don't turn to the self within. Where is the leader that is needed to teach the sparrow out there the song imprinted in its heart? Why, those little birdlings are born and shortly they're singing and where was the messenger needed? And where is the teacher that teaches the seed how to grow, or the azalea here how to bloom? Where is the angelic leader and minister who exhorts the bud to open and give its fragrance to the earth? Who teaches the animals to prepare for a winter that they have no knowledge of, no intellectual knowledge of. Why must man, of all creatures, why must man insist on ignorance until he has studied system after system after system after system, finally..finally, only to surrender from the anguish of all of it and when he surrenders from the anguish of all of it he is quick to awaken to the wisdom that is already himself....


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