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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Contradistinction called Death
(by William Samuel)
An understanding of the "principle of contradistinction" allows for the unravelling of a number of mysteries and the tying together of loose ends of metaphysical truth.  While our understanding of this principle is not a prerequisite for arrival, it helps us comprehend why we are already there.  Also, it is a means by which the enigma of 'death' can be comprehended "this side of the grave."  So I will use it in the following discussion of Life's contradistinction, called "death."
When we see the corn pulled in the Fall and watch the stalks turn brown in the Winter wind, we do not think of the death of "corn."  Rather, we consider corn in its totality and know that Winter is not the time of growing.  When Summer comes we see the corn standing tall again in the sunshine, swaying in an August wind.  It is corn from the harvest of the year before that is still growing green-in another row, perhaps; in another corner of the field.
So, what is this matter of 'death'?  What is the much ado over it?  Why is it an '"enemy"?  We end the enemy by no longer judging it to be an enemy.  We end the appearances of certain other things by ending the judgements that called those appearances bad.
The statement "the last enemy to be destroyed" labels the appearances as an enemy.  But listen, listen:  it is one thing to see the valuelessness and powerlessness of death and call it a dream.  It is quite another to look on the event and see it as neither enemy nor friend.

When we stop limiting awareness to just the "tangible" purview of Eternity and admit to the possibility of the intangible (as the other half), we no longer see things as beginning and ending, as having birth and death.
In the Winter when the kernel of corn is stored in a bag in the seed house, the full being of corn is there yet.  Tangibly speaking, it is in miniature compared to the Summer way of looking at corn, but it is all there.  If we had an internal way, a Winter way of introspectively looking within the kernel, we would find the corn right there as before, without having come to an end.
In much the same way, the human view of existence is a half-view, an incomplete, male or female view, a rich or poor, right or wrong, good or evil, dead of alive view...but the a half view, nonetheless; only a partial view.  Uninhibited, unlimited, unbound awareness is a complete view, a whole view, a Winter and Summer view combined.  Awareness views "as a tree in paradise wherein the leaves do not fall in Winter of Summer." (Thomas)
There seems to be an internal and external view of the kernel of corn-a Summer and Winter view.  Humanity is geared to the Summer view exclusively--the external view, the good-bad, male-female, real-unreal, relative-absolute, dead or alive perspective.
There is another perspective: the whole view, the centered view, the transcendent view.  This is the perspective of uninhibited, unpossessed, uncontained Infinite AWARENESS-I!  Who says we are bound to the male outlook or the female outlook because "we were born that way?  Who says we see everything as either good or bad because that is the nature of the beast?  Who says Identity is either enlightened or unenlightened, expanded or unexpanded, developed or undeveloped, awake or sleeping?  Who is twisting our arm and making us continue those beliefs?  Not God, not Reality, not Wholeness, not Allness, not Awareness!
We stop identifying as half the pendulum's swing, as half of All.  Awareness (Identity) is COMPLETE.  We stop thinking of ourselves as male, female, good, bad, enlightened, unenlightened, awake or sleeping.  We do not have to think in that sense at all.  We simply look--watch--behold--be: and find our former view of Life with its apparent contradistinction (death) appearing in new perspective.
And so, our valiant Heart
Just keeps on singing Its Love Song
Its mournful passages and its joyful ones
All within the Symphony of Life
And there is no death
Only Love that God Is!
Love from my heart to your heart (One Heart)


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